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Black & Decker
Black & Decker Coffee Maker CM1050B

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Messy and unreliable


If I didn't have to babysit this pot to ensure it doesn't backflow, I'd be able to give it a better review. However, the mechanism in the basket that controls whether the coffee will drip into the carafe or not isn't reliable. It took half a dozen wasted pits of coffe overflowing from the basket onto the counter to decide it isn't me. I took great pains to be certain the pot and basket were lined up. But still, the spigot wouldn't open, and the coffee would be on my floor by the time I got out of the shower. Brew Performance It takes several minutes to heat up and start percolating. I have to stand there and be sure thst it drips into the pot before I can walk away. After that, it makes a fine cup of coffee. Ease of Cleaning When things go well, it cleans fine. But the mess it can make is unbearable. Design It's attractive enough, but something needs to be done about the drip mechanism. Durability It does seem rugged. It's drenched itself in hot coffee a half dozen times, but it is still functioning and looks clean.

North Charleston, SC


I like black and Decker.


I like this coffee maker it is a great product. Black and Decker makes a great coffee maker. it has a timer to set your time that you would like the machine to make your favorite cup of coffee. it is easy to poor in the water and set up for use. The only down side it's that if you have a power outage you will have to set up the clock and timer again. there is no backup system in place like a battery for it. what I also don't like is daylight savings time, you can not rewind the clock. Also there is no way to rewind the clock if you go to fast on setting the timer or the clock. What I also don't like is that you have to set it every day for auto mode.

Cliffwood, NJ


Black & Decker Coffee Maker CM1050B

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