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2-Slice Toasters
Black & Decker
Black & Decker Classic Chrome 2-Slice Toaster

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Black and Decker Classic Chrome 2 slice toaster


Overall this is a great toaster that will last you for a very long time. We use this almost daily and have had it for close to 10 years. Black and Decker has made a real solid piece with this toaster. It just lately has been toasting slightly unevenly but I for sure got my money out of this purchase. It has a bagel setting which is nice so you only toast the one side and the knob goes from light to dark with all the settings in between. Toasting Evenness After 10 years it's just now getting a little uneven in toasting. Up until the last few months it's been a great toaster and toasted very evenly. Safety As with any appliance it's only safe if you follow safety protocol. Never ever stick anything metal or your fingers in the toaster if it's plugged in. If something gets stuck unplug it first. Ease of Cleaning The bottom tray slides out so super easy to clean. I slide it out then gently shake it to get all the crumbs out. Durability It holds up great, we use it almost daily and no problems. Design Looks nice, shiny chrome and not to big. Looks nice on my counter.



Great toaster


When I moved into my new house, we needed our first toaster. So we went shopping in the local mall and stumbled upon this one in Sears. It was on sale and a great value so we took it home. Great purchase. The Black and Decker brand is notoriously awesome. This Black and Decker T1029 2-slice toaster has worked great since we've taken it out of the box, and that was over 2 years ago. It's got several settings based on how you like your toast/bagels cooked. Things cook fast, there is a tray that catches all the little crumbs. If you empty it often you won't get those unpleasant burning smells. Toast cooks very evenly on both sides. It's got a great clean style to it too. It fits in with all my other appliances. A great buy!

Glen Burnie, MD


Good product


This Toaster is  working great for me. I am possessing this for around 6 months now and am very satisfied. The toaster is really good and capabilities are excellent. I am happy about it s performance as a whole. Worth the buy. Have saved me a lot of times in breakfast during travel. Using it countless in my home. Sleek in design and very portable to carry. Accomodates only a smaller space in kitchen. I had been searching for such a product for long in the market. The competitive price and the quality of the item makes it a safest bet. I would recommend this product to any of my friends too. I am not too technical to comment on its entire functionality, but still i am a satisfied customer giving best ratings for the product. This should motivate people looking for a Decent toaster toasting bagel and bread.. If this product had a poacher alongwith and 4 slices toaster for the same price , then this price would have been a steal. Hope this review will help people to get things as per these comments.

Woodside, NY


Black and Decker Toaster... simple, but it works well


I bought this toaster about a year and a half ago. It is simple, yes, but it does the trick. It has buttons to select whether it's a bagel, frozen, or to cancel it. There is one dial that manages both spots. I have never had a problem with it cooking my toast too much or not enough. My one complaint is that it is sometimes annoying getting the lever to go down to start the toasting process, but this doesn't happen every time and maybe I am being too abrupt when I do it... Who knows? It is very nice that it is small, I do not have a lot of counter space and so this small appliance fits in quite nicely and compactly. If you do a lot of toasting or like a lot of settings, this one is probably not for you. If you are the type though who just needs a toaster to throw bread or a bagel in in the morning and get the job done.. this will do it, and do it nicely. I would have no problem recommending this to someone in need of a toaster.

Sterling, VA


Black & Decker Classic Chrome 2-Slice Toaster

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