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Black & Decker Blender 27FM

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This blender does everything!


I love my Black and Decker Blender! I got it as a gift when I moved to my first apartment, and it has served me well. In the beginning, I didn't use it so often because I assumed it was only the sort of thing you'd use for smoothies and milk shakes (don't get me wrong - it makes a mean milk shake), and it did a great job with both of those tasks. But until I moved into my new house, and started becoming little miss domestic, did I realize that you could use it for so much more. Need cruched ice instead of cubed?  It'll do the trick.  Does your recipe call for almonds finely minced in a food processor, but find yourself without such food processor?  Throw them in the Black and Decker Blender, and see how finely minced those almonds can be (they're great in a crumble pie crust, by the way). The blender is powerful and fast, and has lots of options from puree to whip to crush, to give yout he desired consistency of whatever you're usign it for. Well done, Black and Decker!

Portland, OR


Black & Decker The Perfect Red Metallic Blend of Function& Style


This blender was a neccessary purchase A year ago, we chose it in Red to match our other kitchen Appliances and  accessories. The Gorgeous metallic Red Metal Base coupled With The Glass Carafe Blender with black rubber top and glass pull out measuring center are very modern looking & cohesive. This Black & Decker blender is truly  an  exceptional value with all of it's available  features at such a  great price. The metal blades help  utilize the ice crusher feature which works flawlessly and quickly.The rubber "feet" on the bottom keep this incredibly stable. I have used this for everything from milkshakes to food condiments and homemade sauces, It has held up to any item I have chosen to utilize it for and still works as if it were brand new. It is very  easy to clean and care for  and fits wonderfully in the kitchen without being an eyesore or taking up too much space. I haven't found a better value anywhere. Black and Decker has definitely  created an incredibly well made product where function meets style!

Manchester, NH


Black & Decker Blender 27FM

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