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Black & Decker
Black & Decker Bagless Handheld Cyclonic Vacuum

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Excellent for cleaning cars, floors, carpets, quick touchups


I was looking for a handheld vacumm and this one is great. It picks up the usual requisite of spilled rice and cereal and breakfast crumbs, but it does more. I've used it on throw rugs for quick cleanups - it gets hair, lint, dust. used it on floors after repotting plants: it happily picks up soil. Where it has an issue is with long thin things - like say a long dried-out leaf. But one can always dispose of that by hand. Used it in the car on the floor rugs: spotless in minutes. Comes with a wall charger/stow device. Mount the charging plate onto a corner of the kitchen or laundry room or inside a cabinet with an electrical outlet: the vacuum charges and stays handily available for use. It comes with extendable nozzle and an upholstery brush attachment. The top of the vacuum opens up to reveal a compartment where the dust/grit/vacuumed-up junk is stored. easy to empty into the trash. at the back of the compartment is a filter. I always wipe down the filter when emptying, so i get rid of any stuck on dirt, hair to prolong the life of the filter. The filter is also washable. This is a must-have tool for our home!

Somerville, MA


Black & Decker Vacuum helps me get those little messes up quick.


As a mother with two busy toddlers, I find that I am constantly cleaning up after them.  Rather than drag out the big vacuum a million times a day, I find that I can use the Dustbuster to take care of small jobs.  I have had this dustbuster for about 3 years now.  In our previous home, I was able to keep it discretely charging in a convenient location near the table.  When mealtimes only consisted of light messes, I was able to vacuum up areas on the carpet or chairs quickly and efficiently.  I have even been known to vacuum excess food off of the children, though I am sure this is a big no-no.  In our current home I don't have as good of a location for it, which cuts down on the convenience.  I am sure if I only charged it when it was low I could keep it in a better spot, but I really hate needing it and discovering a low battery.  I don't have any idea what the battery life is on these suckers.  I haven't really experimented with that.   The filters do get dirty and needed to be cleaned occasionally.  I have had good luck with cleaning them and reusing them (as per instructions) without any noticeable damage.  It is about to the point where I will need to look for replacement filters (no bags though because it is bagless).  I am not thrilled about forking out money for filters, but I suppose three years is a pretty good life for the original.  My only issue with this product is being disappointed with low power when it wasn't charged, but that is something easily avoided if you just keep it charging.

Dulles, VA


Great for picking up dog hair.


The Black and Decker Handheld Vacuum is extremely efficient.  We have a fur-faced friend who sheds and this vacuum is perfect for picking up the excess hair.  Would highly recommend this product - great bang for the buck.

Tampa, FL


Black & Decker Bagless Handheld Cyclonic Vacuum

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