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Black & Decker
Black & Decker BDHF600T Compact Heater

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I owned this heater for about 1-2 years before it decided to stop working. It provided very good consistent heat and it was great having the remote control for adjustments. It's rotating feature made it useful for circulating the heat around the room. Performance Provided good amount of heat at a comfortable temperature. Ease of Use Easy to use ... and the remote made it even easier Durability It only lasted about 2 years before it just stopped working ... I tried to contact the manufacturer and unfortunately warranty was only for 1 year Design Plastic design made it very light and height was very good as it made it very stable Safety It offered an auto shut off switch should the heater fall to the ground and land on it side

Redondo Beach, CA


Black & Decker BDHF600T Compact Heater

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