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Black & Decker
Black & Decker BDHF300 Electric Compact Heater

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good little heater


This a reliable little unit. For the most part ,it is smart in its design. It is a small unit but it gives off a lot of heat. It is compact and portable. It is easy to store. It is comparable in price to other units its size. Performance I was surprised at how well it performs. It gives off a lot of heat . It has different temperature settings. It seems to be energy efficient. Ease of Use It is portable. It is easy to use . I would recommend this product. Durability It appears to be quite sturdy. It has plastic housing. Design I like the design in a way, because it allows you to heat a small space or a large space fairly evenly. With the unique shape of its vent it can spread heat in more than one direction. What I don't like about the unit is, I cannot take it apart easily in order to clean dust from the vent face. I like to routinely clean my electric appliances to keep them in functioning order. This was the only downfall I noticed about it. Safety It seems to be adequately safe. It has a nice strong base. It does not tip over easily. I do not see any indication of inferior craftsmanship in the housing.

Lancaster, NY


Black & Decker BDHF300 Electric Compact Heater

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