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Black & Decker 8-Cup Thermal Coffee Maker

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Great looks, but lousy coffee maker.


We were so excited to get and use this black & decker coffee maker, and it looked so sleek and modern in our kitchen. Unfortunately, after about a year of use, it has started having issues that are a huge frustration to everyone in our household. Something internal is having issues. You press the "on" button twice to turn on the coffee maker (once to turn it on "program" mode). However, it started only brewing half of the pot, then turning itself off...which its only supposed to do once brewing is complete. You cannot see the coffee level below "5 cups", so we were wondering why only half the pot was brewing and it was very concentrated. The next time we filled it up, it overflowed over the counter because it had 4 cups remaining from the previous brew that we didn't know about. Now we don't make that mistake...but it has progressively gotten worse, and now it only brews approximately 1 cup at a time, then you have to push it on again. This is not a 1-cup mode...this is a serious malfunction, and we are very disappointed with this coffee maker.

Timberlake, NC


The black and decker 8 cup thermal coffeemaker needs improved


My partner bought me a Black and Decker 8 cup thermal coffeemaker for Christmas last year (2008).  It looked really nice but once we used it we were suprised.  In our old coffee maker, we only had to use 3 scoops of coffee to get the desired taste for a 12 cup pot.  Now with this one we have to use 4 scoops to even get close to the taste.  It came equiped with a timer, so that your coffee would be ready when you wake up, and that only worked the first time we used it.  No matter what we try, the timer does not work.  All it does is tell you the time of day!  I have clocks for that.  It says the water fill markings are easy to read, but they are not, and there is an overfill hole in the back  of the pot that, when overfilled, because you can not tell when it is filled,  spills water all over my counter top.  This is a constant mess, especially when he makes coffee!  We constantly have to keep a pan on the stove to reheat the coffee because after a half an hour, the coffee is getting cold.  If I had been with him when he bought this coffee maker, I would have suggested another brand.  Being a man, Black and Decker is a good name to him. but I think that Black and Decker should stick to making tools.   Their coffeemaker is the worse one I have ever owned.

Mercer, PA


Black & Decker 8-Cup Thermal Coffee Maker

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