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Black & Decker
Black & Decker 6-Slice Convection Toaster Oven

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Good near oven without the heat.


Lots of features, cook, bake, broil. Cooks by convection heat. Even Heating Cooks by convection heat, very even. Everything we've cooked was evenly done. Safety Standard safety features. Standard timer. Manual says to unplug when not in use. Ease of Cleaning All accessories are removable, manual says to wash in the sink. Can be washed in the dishwasher, but discoloring will occur. Durability Not sure yet. We own multiple B&D products and have not been disappointed. Design We bought the larger unit, thinking that it will serve as a replacement for our oven during summer months (not heating the house). It takes up more counter space, and you need to move it away from the wall (3-4 inches) because it gets very warm.


Louisville, KY


Toast, Bake, & Heats Up like an Oven.


I bought this for my parents and they absolutely love it! This is not just a typical toaster oven, it also can be used to bake certain things and heat up like an actual oven. This is one of the cheapest toaster ovens that can do many things. I have been using this for more than 5 to 6 years and it still heats up pretty good. This toaster oven comes with a tray that can easily be cleaned and wont mess up the toaster oven. There are two layers that the bracket can be set to; bottom and center. The main problems I have with this toaster is that it doesn't heat up as quickly as I would think. For the oven use, of course you have to preheat but for the toasting, its best to preheat to fully toast your food. Another problem is that it doesn't have a safety lock so any children can easily open this toaster oven but when you do open the toaster oven, it auto shuts off. This toaster also consumes a lot of power so try to separate hooking it up with your actual microwave oven. Overall, I think this toaster oven is pretty good for its price.


Carson, CA


great toaster


this is the best toaster i have ever bought! When i come home from work, i need something quick but good. This toaster oven does that for me. I can broil nachos, grilled vegetables, sandwiches, etc. or reheat leftovers... I have even used this toaster as a little oven to make cakes and cookies!! With my previous toasters, i have had issues with quality and even-baking. This is the best toaster ive had thus far... it has a nice look and i dont mind the fact that it is relatively large because i consider it more of a mini-oven. Sure, you can get a cheaper oven but you get what you pay for. I like the way it is easy to clean... the crumbs tray comes out compltely snd smoothly. Overall, i would say if you want a GOOD oven and not just a "toaster" then this is the purchase for you!


Brooklyn, NY


The CTO4500S is the best toaster oven I've had yet


The CTO4500S has had the best mix of reliable cooking and user-friendly interface I've yet had in a toaster oven. I also have had the Black & Decker 6301 which I would consider nearly identical in terms of its cooking results, which I also reviewed, but it had an annoying interface that I have never gotten accustomed to. Hence, I've now moved on and primarily use the CTO4500S at this point, since cooking is just as good. To reiterate from my other review, I do not typically put large foods in the toaster oven, so I can not claim to know how it fairs on its ability to cook through larger foods including the 12" pizzas touted on the front of the glass, but for the everyday smaller quantity of foods, (on bake and broil) does a fantastic job and would easily lead me to believe it is fully capable of cooking the larger foods, especially with using the convection function. Where this oven does excel relative to the 6301 is that it uses a more traditional temperature/cook type interface that lets me control it the way I want, and not be pressed to use pre-sets that do not match the food I am cooking. No longer does every button (since they're dials) make a beep with every thing I need to change occur, so it is less of an ear-sore. Because of the improvements in interface, this reliable toaster oven is my top pick and is fully recommended.


Seattle, WA


oven perfect for everything


We use this oven for everything.  It has exceeded our expectations.  Its innovative pizza bump at the back of the oven allows it to accomodate a 12" pizza, while minimizing its footprint, allowing it to fit in tight spaces.  The pizza bump also allows a streamlined design that cuts out excessive bulkiness, heaviness, and clumsiness.  The non-stick coating on the oven walls make it extremely easy to clean.  Its convection feature allows food to bake evenly.  The utimate test for us is how well it bakes a pizza, and it does an excellent job--as well as our conventional oven without the expense--with a pizza stone.  Its timer, temperature setter, and function (baking, broiling, etc.) setter meet or exceed our needs.  The oven door also springs back into a tight seal.  The crumb tray also makes the oven easy to clean.  Compared to other ovens with the same features, it offers greater value for less money.


Reno, NV


Black & Decker 6-Slice Convection Toaster Oven

4.8 5