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Black & Decker
Black & Decker 4-cup Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker

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It brews the perfect amount of coffee for me and a friend.


I'm an overall fan of this machine. It is simple to use and easy to clean. I do wish the back compartment came apart fully and snapped off so that I could put it in the wash. It would be nice if the cord were to come off as well because it's hard to feel like I'm getting a good wash just rinsing and wiping by hand. Overall easy to use this machine and it brews the perfect amount of coffee for at home. I get two good sized cups of coffee out of this or several small cups. It brews out a little slower than other pots I've had but I believe that makes the taste of the coffee better. Brew Performance The brew time seems to take a little bit longer than some of the other coffee pots that I've used. I do like this pot though. One word of caution is that the instructions say to add four cups but I always add just a little bit under four cups because the coffee seems watered down. It's hard to get the ratio of coffee to water just right but I've found that if I use about three and three fourths cup of water to the recommended amount of coffee, I get the best taste for my preferences. Ease of Cleaning It is easy to clean but I wish it broke apart a bit more or even was able to be put in dish water. If the cord came out, this would be the perfect little pot. I don't feel like I get the best clean but I usually soak the pot and brew through some slightly chlorinated water to help me feel as if the pot is getting truly clean. I also run a second and third brew with just hot water to rinse any chemicals from cleaning. Ease of Use This pot is very easy to use. The entire process just involves filling the back with water, popping in a filter, and putting in some grounds. Once the brew starts, it takes a few minutes to get a good pot of coffee but it is very user friendly. It is so simple to use that young and old alike would have no issues. Design It is a simple little pot. My only qualms with the design are that it isn't as easy to clean as it could be. Durability This pot seems to be holding up. I've had no issues with it.



The perfect little coffee maker


Thermal Carafe makes 4 cups of delicious perfect coffee. This coffee pot is furnished in motel rooms and we love using it. It does not have a burner and therefore you do not have to worry about burning out the burner plate. It automatically shuts off when done dripping. The only thing that I do not like is that I have to use paper coffee filters because it is too small a basket for any of the reusable coffee filter baskets that I have. This coffee pot is so easy to clean and has a much longer life span then any drip coffee pot that we have ever used. The most durable design ever. The coffee tastes better because it does not cook over a heated burner and you just drink it when it's done. Four cups is the perfect size for two people to enjoy a mug of coffee together. Brew Performance Perfect fresh - just the right temperature brew Ease of Cleaning Cleans perfectly because there is no hot burner plate Ease of Use It shuts off after it is done dripping so this makes it easy and safe. Design Small water holding tank so it can be kept very clean Durability The longest lasting coffee maker because there is no burner plate to burn out.

Ellwood City, PA


Black & Decker 4-cup Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker

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