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Black Decker
LSW20, LSW120
Black & Decker 20-Volt Lithium Cordless Leaf Sweeper

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Definately recommend this to beginner and experts.


I am a DIY person and I love to get my hands on tools and see my work for good and positive results. This leaf blower really does the job well and easily. It is light weight and is easy to keep the neighbors dogs away...lolol...really though this blower blows leaves, light stickes and debre away from my home and into a nice pile I can collect and put in bags to be picked up by the city.




Quiet and Powerful


I love Black and Decker power tools and when I discovered their line of cordless leaf sweepers I had to have one to replace my corded version. I initially went with this 20 Volt Cordless Leaf Sweeper but ultimately exchanged it for the 18 Volt version so I could interchange the batteries with the other 18 Volt Black and Decker power tools I already had. I really do not notice any real power difference between the two models. This is incredibly lightweight, but certainly not cheap. It does a wonderful job at blowing leaves out from around the house and deck and around trees so they can be mowed up with the riding mower. It also does a nice job with blowing pine needles into a pile on the driveway for easy pickup. It also works nicely for getting grass clippings off the steps, walkways, and driveway when mulching. This has a nice, long nozzle that gets behind chairs, benches, tables, planters, etc. so you can get the leaves out without having to move everything. This is remarkably quiet and very easy to handle. I found that the battery lasted about twenty minutes before I had to replace it, which is enough to do quite a large area. If you don't want to interchange the battery with other tools in your collection this is a great option.


Vernon Rockville, CT


Black & Decker 20-Volt Lithium Cordless Leaf Sweeper

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