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Black Decker
Black & Decker 18-Volt NiCad Cordless Sweeper

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Excellent for single people and DIY fans


This is an excellent product if you do your lawn on your own or if you like to spend time beautify your green areas. The light design of the Black and Decker NiCad gives you the chance to spend more time doing what you like to do best without straining your body. The cordless convenience lets you move around your lawn with ease, letting your lawn look its best in less time. Weight This is a relatively light machine. It balances very well when you hold it, and its manageability is perfect for people who have to do their own lawn and do not want to spend too much time or strength. Performance Very powerful and strong. It is the perfect small machine to do all that you need in your lawn: blow leaves, dust, or any other material. Handling The size of the NiCad allows you to maneuver around your yard without hurting yourself. It is a powerful yet compact machine that does more in less time. Ease of Use Extremely easy. Pull the cord and do what you need to do. The power of the wind blower is easily manageable with the long conical design of the adaptor. It is a very versatile machine that can do a lot. Durability As with all things Black and Decker, the quality of the NiCad is unparalleled. The strong design and ease of use of this machine make it less prone to breaking or damaging, making it super durable, and effective for its price.




Not worth it


I usually really like Black and Decker products, so I bought this leaf blower to use for when I cut my lawn and when fall hits to get rid of leaves. I thought that it would be so convenient with no cord and I could just recharge the battery. It was such a waste of money. The battery barely stays charged long enough to blow grass off the sidewalk and I could probably sweep faster. My sidewalk is very short so I know I was not having it run endlessly. Also, the power on the blower is very, very limited. It can barely blow leaves across the sidewalk and definitely cannot move them across the grass or any texture. The machine itself is pretty bulky and not very easy to carry with the handle being set up the way it is. I really just do not like this machine very much and I have given it away to someone else. Maybe they can find some utility in it because I definitely do not ever want to use it again. The only good thing I can say about it is that it has a pretty good length nozzle and makes it easy to reach the ground (I am also short). The clamped end also helps to focus the air and make the useless wind power a little bit more effective. Skip this and find a better model even if it is more expensive.




Good Blower


This leaf blower is good for clearing the patio and sidewalks of various debris such as leaves, lawn clippings, dirt and other small things that can end up on your walkways. We use this primarily for dispersing the leaves that drop in the fall from the many trees we have around our house and the dirt that accumulates on our back patio from our daughter playing in the dirt and bringing up onto the tiles. The batteries do not hold a really long charge but are good enough for the quick drops we require them for. Another nice feature is that if you own other black and decker lawn equipment, such as us, the batteries are interchangeable. This blower is light weight enough I can use it for extended periods of use if necessary, just under five pounds. This light weight also allows me to be able to blow down small spider webs that accumulate in the spaces between the roof and walls outside since I can easily lift this blower above my head. The fact that it has batteries and not a cord make it very maneuverable and cost efficient compared to gas run blowers. Performance Needs batteries that hold longer charge.




Great Blower!


I originally purchased the 20 volt version of this but exchanged it for this 18 Volt Cordless Sweeper because its battery is interchangeable with the ones my other Black and Decker tools use which is very helpful! This is easy to use. You just put the blower extension on once and you're good to go. It remains on all the time. It's quite long so you really don't have to bend down to get leaves along the base of the house, etc. This is powerful enough to blow leaves out around trees and from around the house and steps. It also blows pine needles off the driveway. I've found that a battery lasts about fifteen to twenty minutes so unless you have more than one battery (hence my exchange for a model that I could interchange batteries with) plan for a short blowing session. The batteries take about twelve hours to fully recharge. This is very easy to carry, with a nicely sized and balanced handle. It provides all the control you need without any of the weight. I've been very pleased with my sweeper for the year or two that I've owned it. I haven't experienced a single problem with it and I definitely recommend it for those looking for a lightweight, compact, easy to use blower.


Vernon Rockville, CT


Black & Decker 18-Volt NiCad Cordless Sweeper

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