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Black & Decker
Black & Decker 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker


Program for rich, fresh-brewed coffee anytime. And when you’re ready for a second cup Keep Warm plate automatically retains coffee temperature for 2 hours keeping it hot until the end of the pot.

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Coffee lovers dream


I bought this several years ago to replace my very expensive Bunn coffee maker that lasted only a year! And cost almost twice as much! It works as good now as it did the day I bought it! It makes a cup a few cups or twelve cups. Even better than the Keurig! I can program it at at night to be ready for us when we wake up in the morning or for anytime in general! The machine makes it quick if you don't program it in advance. It doesn't make any noise is easy to clean. I've descaled it every month since I bought it.



It makes a really good cup of coffee


I am a coffee shop junkie and my hubby loves doughnut shop coffee so we both wanted a coffee maker that would allow us each to brew our own coffee quickly and well but didn't want the hassle or expense of a k-cup brewer. The Black and Decker CM5050 was well priced and well reviewed. I have actually been really impressed with it. On the mornings that my husband is out the door early for work he can have his coffee ready when he comes downstairs and on the mornings that we are both home we can brew our individual brands of coffee and both have a really good cup of coffee in not much more time than a single cup brewer. I like that this coffee maker adjusts for smaller pots, it's perfect for a two brand of coffee household, and the strong setting kicks it up for those of us who like strong coffee. I have never been the best about regularly cleaning my coffee maker so the fact that this has a self cleaning function really helps me stay on top of it. The only complaint I have is that it can be a bit of a pain, especially first thing in the morning, to fill the reservoir just right. Otherwise it really is a great coffee maker.



Works like a champ!


My husband drinks a lot of coffee and I love tea, so we use this non-stop! Brew Performance I love the way it has a program for stronger coffee, as my husband loves it strong! It seems to brew quickly and completely in no time! Ease of Cleaning Cleaning the unit is easy enough, however, there is a small flat area where the filter goes and where you pour in the water that seems to catch any coffee that may spill as you are placing it into the filter. This area collects water and the coffee, so I have to make sure it's kept clean. Kind of a hassle. Ease of Use It's easy enough to use. However, where you pour in the water seems very restrictive to me. There isn't any wiggle room for any mistakes. If so, the water would pour down the side of the unit or into the coffee filter area. The button to turn it on and off could be much easier to use. Often, I have to push it 3+ times to get it to actually turn on and off. Matter of fact, all of the buttons are like that. Design The instructions stated that certain terms would flash on the screen where the clock is. It is very difficult to see this area. Durability We can use it up to four times a day, between coffee and tea. So far, so good!

Amboy, WA


Nice Coffee Maker


My husband got this for a Christmas present from his parents and he's used it quite often. Usually before we buy any sort of appliance I research it to death, so with this being a present I didn't do that. However it has held up to the occasional use my husband gives it and we've had no problems with it. It's nice that it has a programer on it, but he's never used it. Easy to use and very easy to clean up both the coffee pot and the interior where the filter is placed. The coffee brews fine and tastes great. Easy to find the filters to use in it. The outward appearance of the product is nice with clean lines, a darker color that may hide a coffee spill or stain, and no small cracks in which to collect grossness. Overal a good product.

Richmond, MI


Black & Decker 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

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