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Biz Laundry Booster and Stain Fighter

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Gets clothes from dingy dirty to bright white!


Biz is a lifesaver for getting all those nasty stains from food, blood, grass stains, and dirt out of clothes. It makes whites go from dingy white to super bright white. It also give clothes a fresh scent. It's a great pretreater to help get dried stains out. I highly recommend it for all your daily laundry needs from whites to colors.




My clothes smell better when I use BIZ!!


I used it for years. If fact, I would put off doing laundry if I didn't have BIZ. Clothes washed without it just don't smell as clean. My son or brother do my shopping and they said they couldn't find it. (guys!!) It is usually on a shelf with laundry products but not with the detergent. I just looked it up online and was so happy to see it is available at local stores. If you haven't used it, try it and you will be pleasantly surprised. You'll love it!!




It's like the Magic Eraser for laundry!


Biz is a MUST HAVE in your laundry room! It's like the Magic Eraser for laundry! It is a miracle worker on tough laundry stains! I've used this one so many stained clothes and have had great success in having them removed! I first used this one baby clotuhes that I had stored away. When I pulled them out of storage, I saw lots of yellow stains. I refused to get rid of the clothes and instead decided to tackle them with Biz. Not only was the product gentle on the clothes, but it was very effective when removing the stains! Hands down, I would HIGHLY recommend this product for stain fighting! It's very easy to use and works extremely well! Don't expect a fresh scent, but who cares if it's unscented if it works well!


Reading, PA


Biz is the most effective laundry product out there- no contest.


Biz is a laundry additive that acts as a stain fighter and fabric brightner. I am always surprised that more people don't know about this product; probably due to a lack of advertising. Biz has been around since at least the seventies and is currently available in powder and liquid form. It is the most effective stain remover I have found, and it works great as a booster for less expensive laundry detergents that don't clean all that well on their own. Biz is also great for brightening whites and colors without damaging fabric the way chlorine bleach does. Generally, Biz removes stains in one normal wash cycle, but for really tough or set in stains, I recommend soaking the fabric overnight in water with a little Biz added. I really love that Biz saves me money because my clothes look newer, longer. I hate the way fabric looks "fuzzy" and faded after the first several washes, but I have noticed this problem has stopped since using Biz. It even revived some of my faded clothes. A must for every laundry room- Biz really works; and it's reasonablly priced, too!


Cleveland, OH


Biz Laundry Booster is AWESOME!


I only vaguely remember that my mom used this for our laundry, growing up in the seventies and eighties. In fact, I forgot all about it until my son was born. During the time he nursed, he had some major diaper blow-outs! That is when my mom recommeded Biz. I found it at Meijer, thankfully. It worked great!! I have never had a stain that wasn't removed with this. What I usually would do, is put the stained clothes in 1-2 days ahead of washing them. I put the powder in warm water, dissolve it and put the clothes in. I put the entire bucket contents in the wash machine with the rest of the load and the clothes come out looking great! The colors were nice and clear and whites were very nice and bright. This laundry booster is safe for all colors and seems to be pretty gentle on clothes, as well, instead of using bleach. Even though this is not a new product, I would highly recommend it, especially for those with babies and kids.


Grand Rapids, MI


Is it possible that Biz is magic?


Recently I was noticing that my toddlers clothes were coming out of the laundry looking the same as they came in. We are all for independence while she eats, but that makes for some amazing stains. My mother recommended buying Biz to help fight the stains. Turns out I didn't buy it, but they supplied my first box as a gift. So I have no idea what it costs, but it sure has saved a lot of my daughters clothes. So I am sure that it is worth the money since it saved me money to replace her clothes or just to keep them looking nice so I can pass them down someday or sell them at a garage sale. The first time I used Biz I dug through her laundry and found the worst looking stains on her clothes. I didn't want to dump in all of them and save some Biz for later. I put the clothes in overnight with the Biz and used really cheap detergent. I was amazed when they were dry that the whites actually did look whiter. I have heard that phrase before, but had never witnessed it myself! I find that I am saving money also by using really cheap detergent rather than spending big bucks on high end detergent. But maybe that wouldn't matter if you didn't have to buy BIZ and just use the really expensive detergent. I think I will stick to this- the magical BIZ!


Phoenix, AZ


Better than any stain fighter on the market!


Biz Stain Fighter Pre-Treater and Booster is the best stuff out there!  I know that with this product I am able to remove any stain with the exception of ink or dried on paint. I have been using Biz for years.  With Biz I am able to remove set in already washed and dried baby formula stains.  I fill a bucket 1/2 full with luke warm water and add Biz and soak for 48 to 72 hours and then wash as normal.  Stains just disappear.  If you rub about a tablespoon or so on a particular spot that looks like it could be a stain before you wash it I promise it won't be there when it is done washing. I have had several friends of mine ask me how come my white shirts always look brand new.  I tell them the trick.  Once a month I load up my whites in the washer with my detergent and a healthy amount of Biz Laundry Booster and Stain Fighter and allow to soak in washer over night.  The next day I wash as normal once and then wash again in hot water.  My clothes come out so white that I swear they glow! Biz Stain Fighter Pre-Treater and Booster is a must have if you have children or a sloppy husband.  Don't make the mistake of thinking that any other color safe bleaches will work the same because I have found out by experience that they are not the same and don't work even half as well.  Only Biz!


Pocatello, ID


Biz Laundry Booster and Stain Fighter

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