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Confusing Name, but Great & Fun Products!


I would suggest this website to my friends and family, and not just for those who like gag gifts. I think that this website is good for people of all ages and I would happily shop here. Granted, when you first see the website, it looks like the QVC channel went crazy in here. The website lacks personal charm and is very generic. The name of the website does not do its products justice. But I love the products that they offer. The pages of their website boast things that can bring out the kid in anyone. Just looking through the pages, you would laugh so hard and surely feel better right away. The products are cute and not in an extremely cheesy way. They would be the perfect site to show your children or grandchildren some of the toys you played with as a child. The site is well priced and you could buy several products for each of your family members and still not break your bank account. At first I was skeptical about the quality of the items, because they were so cheap, but their products are well made and won't break when you take then out of their boxes.



Brainteasers galore ,,, and more!


It may be that some of the people on your holiday gift list are crazy about completing jigsaw puzzles or rising to other stimulating challenges.  If that is the case, look no farther -- your gift-giving quandary has been solved and you are sure to find something for the gung-ho puzzle enthusiasts in your life at a website called ***bitsandpieces.com***, a place which purveys a wide variety of quality toys and games guaranteed to drive someone you love crazy and provide hours of fun, including: **Giant Jigsaws** -- Poster-sized puzzles comprised of from 1,000 to 3,000 pieces, varying prices. **Glow In The Dark Jigsaws** -- 1,000 pieces each, measuring 20" x 27", $18.99. **Inspirational Puzzles** -- including "*Noah's Ark*", "*The Last Supper*" and "*In the Manger*", each containing 500 pieces and measuring 16" x 20" for $10.99 each. **Santa's Workshop Shaped Puzzle** -- Colorful, festive and detailed, sure to be a hit with the kids, 750 pieces, 20" x 27", $16.99. **Santa Nap Puzzle** -- one of several offered which come in two versions ... 300 large format pieces (18" x 24", $12.99) or 1,000 smaller pieces (20" x 27", $16.99) for more patient and sophisticated players. **Mystery Story Puzzles** -- Whodunit fans get to read an enclosed story and piece together the puzzle to solve each mystery including "*Murder at the Museum*" and "*Murder at Bedford Manor*".  (I bet the butler did it!)  Each puzzle contains 1,000 pieces, measures 20" x 27" and costs $16.99 each **Puzzle Mart** -- a collection of beautiful but economically priced puzzles containing various numbers of pieces and measuring 16" x 20", 18" x 24", or 20" x 27" for only $8.99 to $10.99 each **Father Time** -- one of several more sophisticated puzzles requiring greater degrees of skill and patience.  This puzzle is a replica of an antique German grandfather clock, *circa* 1875, richly illustrated with country scenes and floral designs, and includes puzzle glue, clock mechanism and assemby and hanging instructions.  One "AA" battery will get it up and running.   Measures 17" x 54", contains either 1,200 standard or 600 large format pieces, and costs $19.99 for either version.  **Jigsaw Puzzle Accessories** -- including various sizes of custom black metal frames to hold finished puzzles, roll-up jigsaw mats or "puzzle plateaus" for the protection and storage of half-finished puzzles, various prices. **Classic All American Games** -- An assortment of classics including jacks, marbles, a wooden yo-yo, plastic coated playing cards, dominos, and pick-up sticks all packaged in a compartmentalized hardwood lacquered case with a see-through acrylic lid.  Usually $12.99 but now on sale for $5.99.  (A perfect choice for a sentimental adult.) **Brainteasers** -- beautifully crafted wooden puzzles, lovely enough to display in the most sophisticated of rooms and decor.  Solving these will provide hours of enjoyment and challenge enough for kids of any ages.  (My guess is that these things are probably a great hit with men.)  Various styles and prices but all are reasonable. **Nesting Dolls** -- An incredible assortment of beautifully-detailed and infinitely varied Nesting Doll families, various styles and prices, all reasonable. **Kaleidoscopes** -- beautifully decorated 7" long cylinders with four changeable rotating ends for hours of quiet enjoyment which never loses its fascination for either kiddies or (more likely) their parents, $14.99. **MY VIEWPOINT:** I bet I'm not the only one who is gazing into a crystal ball and seeing tough times ahead for a lot of bright, deserving people.  Historically, families and friends have coped by spending more time together, enjoying pasttimes that didn't cost a lot of money but provided scads of enjoyment.  Board games, jigsaw puzzles and family projects helped a lot of people survive the Great Depression, the wars and other traumatic periods in our country's history and they will probably help us get through whatever is ahead of us now.  ***Bits and Pieces*** offers many fascinating and entertaining options, nearly all reasonably priced at often far less than $25.  It sounds trite, I know, but you really have to visit ***bitsandpieces.com*** and see their stuff for yourself to realize how great it is.                 .

Oak Park, IL



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