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Bissell Steam Shot Handheld Steam Cleaner 39N7-1

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Excellent if it Were Larger!


Right out of the box I already had ideas on where I wanted to use the Bissell Steam Shot, pleasantly surprised at the attachments that are included in the box. The one attachment that impressed me was the one that cleans windows similar to a squeegee. Then I am even able to get wrinkles out of clothing with this tiny Steam machine. It come with a measuring cup which holds a little over 6 oz, and I find myself having to refill it often since I have so many places to try it. The hose attachment I find sort of awkward, it's hard to hold the hose and press the button I find it hard trying to release wrinkles out of clothing. I will say that it cleans super hard spots, for example sticky gum, marker, baseboards and so many more places! I've used it nearly each week for some spot I run across. The windows have never looked so clean in my home and I owe it to this product!

Danville Va


For the size and low cost its impressive


At work I have expensive commercial steamers and I love the versatility of steam cleaners so I decided to buy on for home. I was very skeptical about this Bissell when I bought it for home use. Its low cost made me think that it wouldn't produce hot enough steam or power to do the tough tasks. Boy was I wrong and I am impressed. It is so versatile. I've used it on clothes, I've used it to remove stickers, I've used it to spot clean carpet. I've used it to clean the grill, It cleans my camper up nicely, My shutters have become easy to clean. I can blast that hard to reach corner behind my washer, dryer and laundry sink to loosen up debris before I run a mop back there. Its very light and maneuverable unlike those units at work which gives it added value even though it doesn't have the power or water capacity of those units. All in all this is a great unit. It also comes with accessories like an extension hose, scraper and squeegee that are also very helpful. Maneuverability oh yes its great. its as small as a small kettle and very light and this nozzle gets you into tight places. Ease of Maintenance haven't had to do anything yet so yes its very easy to maintain Suction Performance NA Its not a vacuum Versatility You can use it anywhere that you can use steam. It helps break nuts away from screws also. Design beautiful perfect hand held design Durability seems to hold up well so far

Warren, MI


hot hot hot


I live in a basement apartment; talk about dusty musty sheesh. My shower stall is great but gets mildewy really fast and there is a door instead of a curtain. plug in the bissell and give the door a few shots followed by the squeegee and it gleams. the walls of the shower and the soap dishes are molded plastic which scratches easily so no cleansers! a few short blasts and a soft rag keep it clean. The wire attachment brush makes quick work of my charcoal grill and the cloth head keeps upholstery fresh. I owned a scuncii steamers some time ago but it didn't get as hot as this one and it ran out of steam faster. there is an attachment for every purpose and it even de gunks my birds cages a whole lot quicker than sprays that were made for that job. ( just be careful not to spray the birds) My dogs crate gets taken apart and steamed on the patio to keep it like new and it removes the grease from my oven glass. Finally I took on a big job. I steamed the outside of my vinyl shed. The shed is 8x6 and only had to refill once. I held the steamer in one hand and a soft dry rag in the other . It took me less than half the time I would have used with a bucket and rags because there is no process of soapy scrubbing followed by clear rinsing. the only reason for a four instead of a five is that after awhile it gets heavy and I have to give it a rest. There is nothing wrong with the machine other than I wish it was lighter weight. Suction Performance it isn't made for suction it is only made to steam

Nottingham, MD


Good if you want to give steam cleaning a try


I bought this handheld steam cleaner from one of the gift cards we got for my wedding. (Yes it was awesome). It has been 3 months now and my place has been clean. It can only mean two things, it is working well for sure and i am encouraged to clean more often because it works like a charms. I always wanted to try a steam cleaner so that I can work without the harmful chemicals, but was not sure if it will be any effective. It comes with good accessories that make your job easier. It did clean the chimney which I dreaded to tough before and the kitchen sink is shining good. Now for downside, yes there are some. While it works , I was not blown away, I had to keep filling it for more steam.... Guess I was cleaning to much ?? It should be handled with care as it kept sliding on the counter and I had to make sure that I did not leave it near the edge. But all said and done i like it and it is totally worth the price you pay. I had to try the steam cleaner once and I did. Maneuverability Its handheld so very to handle, and once the steam is generated you can unplug and take it to far reached palces Ease of Maintenance It basically does not need much maintenance, I have not been using it too much as it can only get a little job done at a time and you need more steam...if the container for big that maybe it would have been better, but then maybe it would have not been easy to handle..

Harrisburg, PA


Perfect for lots of jobs!


I have three guys in my house, so the main reason I wanted the Steam Shot was for bathroom clean up.  The pressurized steam gets into those nooks and crannies on and around the toilet that other things miss.  Then, I used it for my countertops that had hairspray build-up.  A quick steam and wipe, and it was GONE!  I love it.  It is a little heavy, but worth it!

Abbeville, SC


An accident waiting to happen!


I purchased the Bissell Handheld Steam Cleaner and the Accessory Kit thinking "wow! what a great way to get those hard-to-reach places really clean!" Well, I had a hard time balancing the machine as I attempted to clean around and behind my stove and refrigerator. The Bissell is an odd shape, and tips over easily. Thank goodness the hot water and steam did not leak out as it rolled around while I was attempting to clean with it. I found that the Bissell did shoot out the steam as it claimed, but I needed several towels to catch the water since it cooled down so quickly. I felt that the Bissell was not a good value for the price, and did not clean as I expected it would. I also needed to scrub some of the harder, greasier splattered areas with another cleaning pad, making it difficult to balance both the Bissell machine and scrub at the same time before the steamed area cooled off! I returned the item and the accessory kit to the place of purchase.

Robbinston, ME


Bissell Steam Shot Handheld Steam Cleaner 39N7-1

3.7 6