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Bissell QuickSteamer PowerBrush Multi Surface Deep Cleaner

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Good for small areas


I bought this on sale just to have around the house for small spills and stains it does really well on small areas if you get it right away. Maneuverability Easy to move and weight is not to heavy. Ease of Maintenance Easy to clean and simple to maintain a lot easier than a rug doctor. Emptying it is simple and I usually just rinse it out with a little dish soap after every use so there is no build up in the tank. Takes me about 7 minutes and than I just let it air dry and put it back together for the next time I need to use it. Suction Performance Doesn't get as deep down but serves its purpose for small spot removals. I wouldn't use this on a whole floor. If you are looking for a deep clean but if you want to remove stains before they set this is a great in expensive thing to have Design Design is simple and lightweight. Very easy to figure out how to use and the button doesn't stick. Very easy to clean and easy to store away when not using doesn't take up much space and is not as bulky as most carpet cleaners. Durability I would say this is a ten if you use it properly and you aren't using it for large spaces every month. I clean my carpets twice a year and I use this to spot clean spills and stains in the duration. I have never had any major issues with it and it really does a great job.




Bissell Quicksteamer Cleaner Deep cleans and easy to use.


Bissell QuickSteamer is light weight ,easy to use and cleans well. It cleans my carpet in no time and does deep cleaning. Maneuverability It is the easiest way to clean my carpets. This product is fast easy and light weight so that I can clean the carpets quickly without hurting my back. Ease of Maintenance When I am finished cleaning my carpets the steamer is very easy to clean up and looks new again. The steamer cleans up nicely. no heavy lifting. Suction Performance The steamer has a great suction that gets my carpets dry quickly. It also sucks up great and deep cleans to make the carpet look fresh,clean and feels great again. Versatility I like everything about Bissell Quicksteamer. It is easy to store away until the next time you need it. I think it is one of the best steamers that Bissell has made. Lightweight,easy to use,easy to clean and gets to the deepest dirt on the carpets. Design I like the design because it is not bulky,it is easy to store anywhere. A great Bissel product that I am glad and happy to own. Durability Even though it does not weigh much ,it seems to be pretty durable. It is made of sturdy material that is strong and tough.


Batesville, IN


Bissell Quick Steam Vacuum works well in all floors


Bissell Quick Steam Machine Vacuum works well both in carpet and in bare floors. The cleaning is, of course, more clear on the carpet because it shows the diference between the parts that were cleaned and the ones still dirt, and you can see. It is reliable, lasts long. Another good feature is that it is lightweight, for a steam vacuum that is really important, and it does not compromise efficiency. I live in an aprtament, not big, so I did not need to spend much money on those expensive steamers. Bissell Quick Steam is exactly what I was looking for. It is affordable nd the product's reffil are not the most expensive ones either. It also lasts a long time, since you do not need to put a whole lot in it, it is very concentrated. I had a regukar Bissel vacuum before and I knew it was a good brand, but this product works even better than the other Bissel I had. It is safe cleaning, babies can crawl afterwards and if you have pets you can be sure that this Bissel will clean up the possible "mess".


Kissimmee, FL


Good Value


Have only used this twice, but seems to work alright.  I like that it's very lightweight and doesn't take up a lot of space.  It's easy to bring out and use when you are in a hurry.  Does a nice job of cleaning, but didn't seem to take up the stains.  The instructions did say to pretreat any noticable stains which I didn't do so I will have to try that next time & maybe it will be better.  You do have to be careful when you put the water tank on.  Make sure that the cap is screwed on tightly and don't leave it sit to long because it tends to leak out from the clean water tank.  That's about the only thing I really don't like about it.  I loved that it didn't take a long time to dry.  The instructions said it may take 4-5 hours, but I think it only took about an hour or so.  Overall nice product for the price & size.


What Cheer, IA


Good product for the price


 I bought this cleaner when both my "heavy-duty" vacuum and floor mop brokedown as the price was affordable. This little machine worked great on my area rugs and for spot cleaning.  Expected better performance for "mopping" hardwood floor; it left too much water on floors.  Overall it is a good cleaner, lightweight, and easy to use. 


Colorado Springs, CO


great value for people on a budget


i loved this machine my baby was wanting to crawl around i just just knew he would catch something.i went a nd brought at 68 bucks,it took a while to clean my apartment,and you must pretreat stains{i use fantisik oxy or shout}.overall im so happy now when water or whatever spills on the floor the rag doesn't come up black.now there are no attachments but i do my steps ,it was a workout but they look brand new.my 10yr old has a habit of dragging trash doen the stairs,which left some nasty smelly stains.they're all gone and the house smells great.


Blackwoodturnersville, NJ


Bissell Quick Steamer Review


I have not used it on any hardwood floors. We have laminate and I haven't used this steamer on them as I have a feeling it would release the top layer from the composite board underneath. So I can't reply to hardwood floor use. I love it on my carpets. I have five dogs. So it is so easy to take out and steam clean my two free floating rugs and also my permanent carpet in the sitting room. It makes a huge difference in keeping my house not only smelling clean, but being clean. So easy to use and I have back problems.


Merrifield, MN


you get what you pay for!!


I saw this machine on sale at my local K-mart and fiured that since I only have 2 rooms with carpet it would be a good deal. the machine is easy to use and reasonable priced however with 3 house dogs( all potty trained) and 5 kids(who do not wear shoes in the house), they tend to track. I bought it 4 weeks ago and have used it every saturday since. When you pull out the dirty water tank, it releases the preasure and leaks dirty water back onto the carpet. then I have to spend another 10 minutes cleaning the leak spot. It does not have enough suction to deep clean the heavy traffic areas. I would not recomend this product if you have busy lives and do not have time to spend 6 hours a week cleanin carpets!


Aurelia, IA


Cleans up barf like a champ! Set-in stains, not so much.


Something that is a little misleading is the name quick steamer (besides that doing a normal-sized room is never quick).  There is no steam actually being produced.  You put hot water into the tank which it then sprays on the carpet, then you suck up.  If you go slowly, you should be able to suck up most of the moisture.  You can walk on your carpet again in a couple of hours.  I use it at night and just let it dry thoughout the night. The Bissell QuickSteamer Powerbrush carpet cleaner worked fine for general dirtiness.  We could definitely see a difference in the areas we cleaned with it and the areas we hadn't.  I was disappointed, however, that it didn't do a whole lot for the stains.  Having two toddlers, I guess I was hoping for more of a miracle worker. There are special stain removing sprays and liquids that Bissell sells for you do use in conjuction with this machine.  I haven't tried them yet.  Getting spills and accidents when they happen is the key to putting this product to good use for you!


Champaign, IL


wondrful for pet accidents


I just bought this product to clean up the carpet after pet accident and it worked great.  You use a very small amount of soluntion so a little bottle goes a long way and you save money.  It sucks up the water really well so you do not have to wait for the carpet to dry and it leaves the carpet smelling fresh and clean.  WOnderful product


Ashtabula, OH


Bissell QuickSteamer PowerBrush Multi Surface Deep Cleaner

4.0 17