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Carpet Steam Cleaners
Bissell ProHeat ClearView Deep Cleaner

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Back Breaking "Sucker"


Very disappointing! This unit only does carpeting that is in front or back of the head. Side brushes pick up little. It is quite heavy to lift or maneuver. The hose does not easily extend and causes the unit to topple over when stretched, instead of rolling with you. Mine has just toppled, breaking something inside that keeps it upright when using an attachment. I now have to hold the unit in place with one hand and vaccuum with the other! The extension is made for someone 4'6 if you're doing a low task, or 7'10" if your task is up high. Hence, you are either bending to use it or lifting it off the floor. The basket filter must be inserted just so. It is easy to assume it is in place. Then when trying to remove it the next time, the whole thing is a mess and only small skinny hands like mine can reach in to adjust the filter so the basket can be emptied. The red and green light (dirty/clean) are a joke. Just a bell and whistle. Designed by someone who has never vaccuumed - or never will. Never another for me!

Kingston, NY


The Bissell Upright Steam Cleaner does its job....but very heavy


I have dogs...and small kids....this steam cleaner has gotten A LOT...and I mean...**A LOT** of use!  From bodily fluids, to koolaid and mud....if it stains...this bissell has seen the action...and it works REALLY well.  The ONLY reason it didn't get 5 out of 5 stars is because unfortunately it is VERY heavy.  I understand that it has to is carrying water, etc....but it is just hard to get around.  It is not hard to push around...the wheels are very easy to is just hard to get it up and down stairs, etc.  The ability that it has to clean far outweighs the con of being too heavy though.  There are only a few stains that it has not gotten out, and those stains are normally my fault because I didn't see that the dog had an accident until later, hence, the stain has had plenty of time to set it, etc.  Otherwise it works really well.  I like to use Resolve cleaner with it.  Those two working together make a great combination!

Omaha, NE


Bissell Steam Cleaner gets the job done, but not the best


I have had my Bissell Steam Cleaner now for 3 years. It works well cleaning my carpets. However the internal heater that is supposed to heat tap water 25 degrees hotter never worked. The light never turned on, at first I thought maybe the bulb didn't work, but quickly realized the water coming out was not very hot. Aside from that, the water bucket lid is difficult to clean. There are spots where you simply just can't get to that the dirt/hair likes to rest. I have always had issues when switching from cleaning with cleanser to just water, it takes a while for it to start releasing water. Also the area where the water is sucked up is very difficult to clean. It is also very heavy, making it difficult to manuever and to carry up and down stairs. Other than the design flaws, it cleans well and especially works well for routine cleaning and maintence on your carpets. We have 3 cats and a dog and it works well getting hair out of the carpet that the vacuum can't get. If you're looking for a carpet cleaner on the less expensive end, then this would work but I wouldn't buy it again.

Bonney Lake, WA


i love my bissel proheat


this is a nice machine that works well. i have 5 my children  and as u can imagine my baige carpets had deep dark stains in them. juice soda freeze pops you name it it was on the floor. y husband washed the floors they came clean very easily i even told my neighbor to buy one and she did i love my bissel wouldnt trade it for anything it is just awesome

Nashua, NH


Great Cleaner


When I bought the new Bissell Steam Cleaner I was really excited about finally getting the stains out of the carpet. We have a small puppy who was potty training on the carpet, unfortunately. Anyway, the cleaner works really good. The carpet looks brand new, smells good and pulled out hair deep down in the carpet... ew. I feel so much better now, knowing that the floor doesn't hold any disease because it also steams the floor. Although, weeks later the stains came back but much lighter. I think that multiple use of the machine will eventually eliminate them. The only thing about the machine I didn't like was the constant emptying of the bucket and the weight of the machine, but other than that, it does a good job and comes with mutiple attatchments for cleaning the couch, cloth chairs, even the car chairs. It dries in just a couple of hours and we are very happy with the overall performance.

Santa Rosa, CA


I love my Bissell ProHeat Clearview Force!


The Bissell ProHeat ClearviewForce cleaned my carpets like a pro.  I love this carpet cleaner.   The Bissell Clearview Force cleaned my carpets and they look better than they ever have.   The Bissell ProHeat Clearview Force removed old stains that my old cleaner did not remove.   The stains removed were two years old and grease stains.   I was shocked that it took very little effort to get them out.    I have pets and had a few pet stains that were easily removed also.   My carpet looked and smelled fresh again.  The Bissell ProHeat Clearview Force is light weight enough that I am not tired after using it.   The cord is long and makes cleaning easy.    The machine has an on board heater which warms the water up to help remove stains.   The heater can be turned on and off and so that you have the choice of using the warm water or hot water that the machine heats up.  There are three levels of cleaning including heavy traffic, normal and rinse.   You can also set the machine for floors or to use the accessories.   There is a hard floor attachment for tile or linoleum.   There is also a tough stain brush, upholstery tool and spraying crevice tool.  

Wichita Falls, TX


Bissell Pro Heat Clear View is the best carpet cleaner


My parents purchased the Bissell Pro Heat carpet cleaner a few years ago and I borrowed it to use at my house.  After using it a few times I knew that I had to buy one for myself.  The cleaner not only got my carpet perfectly clean, it smelled fresh too.  I have a large dog and he is constantly dragging in dirt from outside, so my carpets and rugs are constantly dirty and dingy looking.  After using the Bissell Pro Heat carpet cleaner, my carpets and rugs always look brand new.  I have never been so impressed with a clearner until I have used this one.  The value is also great.  It's very affordable.  I thought that since this was so affordable, it wouldn't be of great quality.  Boy was I wrong.  This cleaner exceeded all of my expectations.  Since I have a dog, I purchased the pet hair cleaner, which removes pet hair from carpets, and it works great.  I have let neighbors and friends use this cleaner because I want them to see how great this cleaner is. 

Normal, IL


my bissell keeps my carpet like new


i have a bissell pro heat carpet cleaner. it is a truely wonder product. i don't think i could manage without it. i regularly clean my carpets, they keep looking like i just laid new carpet, i love the features on the appliance, it is easy to use and gets to the deep down dirt. i even uyse it to clean the sofas and chairs. their are smokers in my housr and my bissell gets out all the stains from tobbacco and such. not to mention this but i also have five grandchildren under the age of ten, what a mess they can make, from muddy messes to food fights, my bissell cleans up all the terrors that they can create, i also have two dogs that from time to time eat their treats on my carpets,and talk about leaving hair all over the place, thank goodness that i have mty bissell, it can turn my house back into a home that i'm proud of. i can get rid of the grandkids by sending them home, ibut i can never get rid of my bissell, it stays with me always

Sandia, TX


Bissell ProHeat ClearView Deep Cleaner

3.9 8