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Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Cordless Hand Vacuum

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Good for Collecting Dog Hair off the Sofa!


I purchased this Bissell Pet Hair Cordless Hand Vacuum because of one of my dogs. I love him so much...but not his shedding. Hair everywhere! I got so tired of dragging out my regular vacuum every time I wanted to remove the hair from the sofas. I had another brand old hand vac but it was pretty useless. I decided to give this one a try, and I'm glad I did! Maneuverability This vacuum is so easy to maneuver around the cushions, underneath and behind. It picked up the dog hair so well I took it out to the car. It was so easy to reach under the seats, the mats, love how easy it was to clean up dirt, hair, and everything else. So much easier than pulling out the big vacuum, putting on the attachments, what a hassle. Ease of Maintenance this product is so easy to clean! Empties out with no problems. What a lot of hair! Suction Performance Love the suction on this vacuum! Sucks up all the dog hair with ease! Versatility I love how I can take this in the car and clean off the seats, the floor and under everything. I can clean off the couches of dog hair, and under the cushions for all the popcorn and everything else. I take it out to my work bench and suck up all the wood shavings, and dust. Design I really like the looks of this vacuum. Easy to hold in your hand while maneuvering it all over the place. Durability I have had this for about a year now, and use it several times a week. No problems with the machine...works perfectly! You will love this purchase, especially if you have dogs or any other animals that shed.

Palm Springs, CA


Does a good job


We decided to purchase one of these to help my 7 year old clean up after her pet hamsters. It is very easy for her to use and does a good job picking up the little seeds and shavings that always seem to be lying about around their cage. This does a great job for it's intended use. Maneuverability Small, lightweight and easy to get into pretty tight spots. Ease of Maintenance It is not difficult to maintain this product but I do feel like I have to wash the filter a lot. Maybe it's because I use it to pick up shavings and such from the hamsters but sometimes those things seem to really stick to the filter. No big deal though, I just pull it out when emptying the canister (you have to anyways) and give it a good rinse. I have to leave out overnight to dry, but that's not too big of a deal. Suction Performance This isn't going to replace any heavy duty type of vacuum, that's for sure, but it does a great job for quick clean ups. Design I like that this has a little "spout" of sorts that pulls out from the mouth of the vacuum so you can get into narrower spots it needed. Durability We haven't had this for quite yet a year, but so far it is holding up just fine.



Went through 3 in as many years.


Will not ever buy again. (Have a bissel quick steam,worked great...Vacs,nope.) It's heavy,and the hepa filter had a "blow out" every now and again. EATS vinyl flooring, and it's own cord, even on the highest setting. Sucks great for at least a few weeks after every complete wash-out. This thing is HEAVY. Finally,the cheap plastic part that holds it in the upright position broke,and I am forced to get another,yet another new vac. I'm trying a shark. Homecare for 12 years,7Bissels,2Hoovers. No More. Maneuverability Heavy,Clunky,Easily scratches furniture Ease of Maintenance This has three filters to clean,and one that needs replaced monthly. Suction Performance Until the filters need cleaned,weekly for pet dander and dust build up Versatility Wand doesn't reach far. Design It looks good...works well for about 8months. Then I couldn't get it clean enough maybe? other parts broke now, cheap plastic for moving parts...break. Durability See above.

Newark, OH


Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Cordless Hand Vacuum

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