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Bissell Flip-Ease Stick Vacuum and Mop

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Better off just buying a mop and broom


When I first saw this little contraption in the clearance section I was really excited to try it. I liked that it serves a duel purpose but both moping and vacuuming. The fact that the mop pads are washable and reusable was the number one reason for buying it tough. It saves me from having to buy new ones all the time and it's a little bit more environmentally friendly. However, after using it a few times, I quickly was no longer excited about my find. The mop part of this works just fine. In fact it works just like a mop should work. The vacuum part however is just a joke. This thing will not even suck up the little crumbs, let alone dust or larger pieces. What a huge disappointment. Yes, I did find it on clearance, however for the price that I paid I could have just bought a simple mop and broom and they would function better than this thing does. Don't even bother with this thing and save your money and time. Just buy a mop and broom and you will be much happier.




Not much better than a standard mop.


The Bissell Flip Ease is a little electric vacuum on one side and a mop on the other. The mop side has a button which you can hold down which releases floor cleaner. It is easy to use for a quick spill clean up. I would not recommend it to anyone that has pets or for use for general cleaning. Most vacuums have some problems with pet hair and this one is no exception. The problem comes from trying to vacuum and the 'wet-side' starts to drip a little. Causing the pad and floor to get damp which in turn makes it harder to vacuum and leaves streaks all over. The pads are easy to change out, again though it will leak while you are trying to do this. They also have lasted through many machine washes without any problems.


Plano, TX


Very light duty vac


I have a very small amount of carpet, more so like a rug I bought this vacuum because I figured it'll be just what I need. The set is was very easy really light weight so its easy to use as well. But this thing is not worth a penny it does not pick up anything.




Bissell Flip-Ease Stick Vacuum and Mop

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