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Bissell CleanView Plus

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BISSEL CLEARVIEW: Works well for small jobs.


Works great for cleaning up small messes, and picking up items such as crumbs and course dirt. Maneuverability Easy to maneuver, release the top with your foot on the lever located on the power head , machine glides easily for cleaning, does well around furniture and wall corners. L Ease of Maintenance Cleaning and emptying the canister is easy, to change the belt is a bit of a challenge, but simple enough to manage without a service call. Suction Performance Has good suction, picks up small pea gravel, food crumbs and course dirt well. Does not do well on fine dirt, the filters tend to clog up and need to be removed for cleaning often. Versatility Has different floor type settings for different types of flooring and dirt. Has attachments to clean various areas, small corners, apolstry, and under furniture. Design Is too clunky to take up stairs or to reach high places. Best suited for single level and floor use.. Durability Holds up well with proper use and regular maintenance.



I like my Bissell!


I live in an apartment with a messy bird and an equally messy chihuahua. This vacuum will tell you when the area you are vacuuming is clean which is a plus in my book. It is powerful enough to clean my carpet and I use it in my kitchen on the tile. All of the filters, except for the HEPA one on the side, are washable. I will be the first to admit I buy a lot of vacuums. Normally about every six month I will find one I like better because the old one is no longer cleaning as it should and, so I clean it up, and donate it. I have had this one about a year and am still not thinking about upgrading. It is light enough for me to do my stairs with the hose without struggling. I like that I no longer have to buy bags. This one does not advertised in is good for pet hair but it is. It is easily maintained and is maneuverable. I would recommend this vacuum to those with a couple of cats or dogs or even kids.

Kalamazoo, MI


A powerful vacuum at a very reasonable price.


I've owned a Dyson for years, so I wasn't sure how this Bissell would compare. I was wowed! The suction power on the Bissell is amazing. After one use, I felt that my carpets were cleaner than ever. The hand tools worked great on my stairs. I only wish the attachment hose had a further reach. Maneuverability Lightweight and easy to maneuver. The only reason I did not rate it a 5 is because it does not incorporate a swivel handle.

Evanston, IL


Bissell CleanView Plus

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