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Bissell 3x Concentrated Multi-Allergen Removal Deep Cleaner Formula

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Bissell Multi-Allergen cleaner helps keep your allergies at bay


I recently purchased the Bissell 3x Concentrated Multi-Allergen Removal Formula for Deep Cleaner Machines and am very happy with it. I have 4 cats (who produce allergens) and a toddler (who I like to keep the allergens from). The cleaner has a dual action formula that deep cleans and resists dirt. It also helps clean and remove dust mite waste, pet, and pollen allergens. I like the fact that it is 3x Concentrated, which means a smaller bottle to take up less space and less waste - which is always a good thing! It is also not as heavy to lift and pour as the full size bottles, which makes filling the machine a little easier. The bottle has a sticker that says it is a "Design for the Environment" and US EPA approved. The cleaner also contains Scotchgard, so it will help keep carpets and upholstery looking good longer. I have noticed that the Scotchgard helps keep stains from setting in for quite a while after it is used. (Had a cat have a hairball on the carpet 2 days after I cleaned it. Yuck! But it came out like a breeze!) The bottle is 42 oz. - the equivalent of a 128 oz. regular bottle. The formula contains no phosphorus or artificial dyes, which is also nice. The cleaner is made by Bissell, but can be used in any brand of full-size deep cleaning machine, including rentals. The cleaner has a nice, clean scent that is not overpowering, even in the 3x state.

Grandville, MI


Bissell 3x Concentrated Multi-Allergen Removal Deep Cleaner Formula

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