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Bissell 14259 Handheld Wet Washer Vacuum

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Use for Pet Messes


I mainly use this wet vac for pet messes. I have a dog that gets really excited when we have visitors and he tends to pee when that happens! It was very frustarting to spray pet cleaner and spot clean each mess, only to find the house still smelling like pee! With this vac, I feel like I am actually able to remove the pee and smell, rather than just spraying something on it to cover up the mess. It does the job well, but you do have to put a little elbow grease into scrubbing the mess away. It can be a hassle to pull this vac out and have to set it up and get on my hands and knees to clean, but it is worth it if I am going to get a clean carpet out of it.

Duluth, MN


How did I live without this?


Seriously how did I live without this thing all these years?? As a mom of 4 kids and 2 pets I felt I was constantly worrying about who was going to spill what next. And constantly dragging out all my cleaning supplies to clean up messes instantly. NOT ANYMORE! I can just relax and let my kids be kids and not worry about them staining stuff. This thing is magical. I mean my son spilled RED koolaid on my tan carpet, I forgot to clean it up and the next morning got to it with this cleaner and the stain lifted. Just like that. Effortless. I tell all my friends to buy one!



Bissell 14259 Handheld Wet Washer Vacuum

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