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Dry mouth gel
Biotene Oral Balance Dry Mouth Moisturizing Gel

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Gel helps alleviate dry mouth!!


I received this sample of Biotene dry mouth moisturizing gel from my dentist along with other products in the Biotene line. I was told that dry mouth helps lead to tooth decay among other maladies. Although I am very partial to the oral regimen that I use, I also understand what this particular condition might do to my teeth and gums. Therefore, I have begun to use this product. It does work very well in alleviating my dry mouth symptoms. This gel can be used throughout the day and at night prior to sleep. The only con I have about it is the consistency. It doesn't taste bad, but the feel of that gel in my mouth is not very pleasant. Because it was recommended by my dentist, I will continue to use it. I am hoping as time goes by, I will become immune to the feel of the gel. I can recommend this dry mouth moisturizing gel to consumers because it was recommended to me by professionals that know what work.

SmallTown, TX


Sort of weird stuff


I bought this because my dentist said I should try it. I used it with the same brand's toothpaste and mouth wash. But the gel can be used solo anytime throughout the day, however I used it at night to keep my mouth moist while I slept. The taste is alright and it does it's job, however the consistency will probably bother just about everyone, it truly is a gel and it's a little gross applying it in your mouth. Despite the texture, like I said, it does do it's job. I sleep with my mouth open and this product made my mouth feel better in the morning, not all dried out like normal. I will probably not buy another tube though as I think just brushing with the toothpaste at night will help me. For someone though who has severe dry mouth, this may be a relief for extreme dryness during the day. I would obviously ask your dentist if they recommend it, if they have heard of the gel. My understanding is that the gel is new (as of 2010).

Kansas City, MO


Biotene Oral Balance Dry Mouth Moisturizing Gel

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