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BioSilk Hydrating Shampoo

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BioSilk shampoo..not as good as I'd hoped


I'm a big fan of the BioSilk therapy serum so I was excited to try out the shampoo and conditioner made from the BioSilk company. The fragrance of the shampoo is pleasant and the texture looks creamy and silky. It's easy to spread around into the hair and lathers up nicely. It also rinses out well and doesn't leave residue behind. However, my hair didn't feel silky and smooth. I did follow up with the BioSilk conditioner but it still left my hair feeling dry. The shampoo and conditioner do tend to be a little more costly than average and I wouldn't have minded paying it if I thought my hair looked and felt better. I will continue to use the serum therapy as its my favorite, however, I won't be getting more of this brand shampoo or conditioner once my bottles run out.

Reno, NV


I love BioSilk Serum, but the Shampoo & Conditioner disappoint


As a huge fan of BioSilk serum, I was excited to try the BioSilk shampoo and conditioner.  I thought this would be the mega-combo of awesomeness for my thick, color-treated, dry/damaged hair.   I purchased the moisturizing formula for dry/damaged hair, although it didn't work as it was labelled.  Unfortunately, this stuff left my hair feeling dry (almost crunchy) and almost dirty, like i hadn't washed it at all. Once it was blow-dryed it also had a lot of flyaways/static.  It felt as if I had a large amount of build-up on my hair and it was very unmoisturized...  It felt far from the silky smooth hair that BioSilk serum usually gives me. One Pro that I can give this stuff is that it smells great, just like all the other BioSilk products. This stuff is also very expensive for shampoo and conditioner, so I was extra disappointed that it didn't work for me.  I ended up throwing the shampoo away and using the conditioner as a shaving cream replacement for my legs.  

Westland, MI


Biosilk Shampoo and Conditioner a MUST


I recently starting using BioSilk's hair products once i used their hair serum and fell in love with how it made my hair look and feel. It is a bit pricey, but it is worth it! I have curly, dry, coarse and sometimes unmanageable hair and have used every product imaginable to make my hair soft and manageable. I did not want to use this product at first because I am a bit on a budget, as is every working mom, daughter and woman in america, but I must say that you will spend more money on other products guaranteeing salon quality hair than you will on one bottle of BioSilk's hair products. It was easy to style my hair afterwards, I could comb through my unruly curls and my hair look great and FELT great once I styled it as usual. I would recommend this to any woman having problems finding a hair product to fit their dry, coarse or curtly hair or to anyone needing a moisture boost because it worked for my hair after a few uses... and definitely try their serum for fly-aways!

Newport News, VA


BioSilk Shampoo leaves my hair feeling great!


BioSilk Moisturizing Shampoo is my favorite. it is more expensive than what I ususally purchase, but I buy BioSilk any time I find it on sale or have a coupon. My hair feels great and I always recieve complements on how nice my hair smells.

Smithville, MO


BioSilk Hydrating Shampoo

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