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Biore SkinPreservation Clean Things Up Nourishing Gel Cleanser

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Buy Biore Cleanser!!!


I never intended to buy this item.  I had a coupon for any Biore product, and this was the only thing that fit the perameters of the coupon, so I got it very inexpensively.  I tried it reluctantly.  What a nice surprise it was.  It deep cleans so thoroughly, it's really amazing, especially for the price.  The smell of the product is nice too, not too over-powering, and yet has a soft, distintive scent.  I am now a regualr user, and have not looked back.  Even my son who has acne, and my husband like it, so we go through quite a bit of it.  No one wants to use anything else!

Bulverde, TX


A good basic cleanser.


When my teenage daughter was breaking out and very concerned about skin care, she informed me that Biore was the best. So, I forked over the extra bucks knowing how much self-esteem is tied to nice skin at that age. I decided to try some, too, though I've never had problems with acne. Even so, at 49, I still get blemishes. Hard to believe, I know, but my skin is still almost as oily as it was when I was a teenager. Fortunately, I also started using coupons. Biore does go on sale and has coupons available often. Their website has promotions and product information. (I do not work for the company, I just went to their sight for information.) Since my skin is not overly oily, I tried this product as opposed to something stronger like a pore cleanser. It does not dry out my skin, and leaves it feelilng smooth. It has a convenient dispenser that I keep in the shower right by the shampoo. There are a couple of drawbacks that would keep me from buying it again, though. One is the smell--it has an overwhelming perfume to it. The other is the cost. I can get the same cleaning power from an inexpensive bar of soap. If you want something to control acne, I think something by this brand in the complexion clearing line would be great, but if you just need a mild cleanser, I'd go with something less expensive.

Martin, TN


Biore Skin Preservation cleanser is too strong smelling


I sometimes wonder why companies add too much fragrance to some of their cleansers.  Take Biore Skin Preservation Gel--it is just too overpowering to use on my face.  The perfume smell makes it hard to wash my face because I can't wait to rinse it off my face.  I can barely breathe when I am using this gel!  How unhealthy this is, I just don't want to know.  This is too strong to apply anywhere, especially where I have to breathe the perfumed fumes in.  I have read good reviews about this cleanser in magazines but no one mentioned how strong the smell is.  I think I would actually like if it had a mild smell but I am now stuck with a bottle of cleanser that I am not going to use.  Maybe I can use it to cleans my bathtubs and sinks, or as a floor cleaner? Maybe it is just me, but I can't see how this product would be good for my face considering how strong the smell is. I would not recommend this product.

Oak Ridge, NC


Great cleanser


I first tried the Kao Biore Preservation Skin Cleanser because it was on sale and I loved the Biore Nose pore strips.  After trying it though I am a loyal Biore user.  I love this cleanser as well as the other scrub and mask products they have.  This product gives my face a clean tingly feeling when using it while still feeling like it is getting all the dirt and makeup off my face. The biggest difference between this product and other cleansers I have used is how it actually feels like it's not irritating the skin but rather nourishing it.  I have uneven skin tone so I am always trying to find products that are geared towards helping the skin regenerate cells and increase the eveness and reduce redness.  This cleanser does that.  I usually alternate between this and the Biore Clear Pore Scrub to avoid roughing up the skin too much.  I buy this product all the time now as my basic skin cleanser.

Salem, NH


Waterproof mascara doesn't stand a chance!


The Biore skin preservation cleanser is one of the best I've found. While it isn't a perfect solution, it is a good one. My favorite thing about it is how well it removes make-up. I tend to use waterproof mascara because of it's stay-put power, but at the end of the day I need a cleanser that will get it off. This one is one of the few I've found that removes it without leaving a dark shadow of residue around my eyes.  I experience adult acne, and this cleanser seems to help keep it under control. While it is no match for my PMS induced break-outs, it does keep things clear the rest of the month. However, I do notice that it doesn't clean my pores as much as I would like. Sometimes when I feel like I need a really deep clean, I'll let it sit on my face for a little while. While doing so I can feel the subtle acid tingle and seem to get a better clean. Just be sure to keep it out of your eyes, ouch! 

Santa Cruz, CA


Biore's Skin Preservation definitely cleans things up!


This face wash is very gentle, but very effective. I have a tendency to switch face washes on a daily or every other day basis. I recently came to the conclusion that this was hurting rather than helping. I looked through all my face washes and found that all contained the salicylic acid, and this one doesn't. My theory is all the salicylic acid is just causing the break outs to continue. Now I am soley using Biore's Skin Preservation Clean Things Up and the it has stopped the break out cycle, but is keeping my skin clean, fresh, and healthy. I am going to continue using this for at least another week without switching to anything else and see what happens. I do wish it had a little more exfoliant power to it - I like to feel the actual scrub of the exfoliants, but again, that could be an irritant to the break outs. All in all I am very happy with this product! With a coupon, I feel it is definitely a good buy!!

Williamston, SC


Great gentle face cleanser.


I recently began using the Biore skin preservation line of products and am reviewing the "clean things up" nourishing gel cleanser.  This cleanser is very gentle and does not dry skin.  Just like the other products in the skin preservation line, the Biore "clean things up" gel cleanser is great for those of that in between age (too old for acne - too young for wrinkles).  It is not too strong, like those products aimed at teenagers, and cleanses without drying your skin.  Plus, it smells wonderful, reminds me of my one of my favorite perfumes, without being overpowering.  It takes very little of the cleanser - just one pump (oh, did I mention that it comes in an easy-to-use, no mess pump bottle) to get the job done.  I do not yet know how it does on getting the last of the product out of the bottle, because I have not run out of my first bottle yet, even after using it for over a month (twice-a-day).  Because it has lasted me so long, I think it is a great price.  It has Vitamin E, and makes my skin feel soft after I use it.  The only problem is that it is not a deep cleanser - does not get deep down in pores, it is a gentle cleanser, so if you have a problem with deep down dirt or clogged pores, you may need to use a toner as well.  Overall, I love this product and will continue to use it until my skin needs change.  I am really loving the Biore skin preservation line of products.  I need to try their toner next.

Cartwright, OK


Biore SkinPreservation Clean Things Up Nourishing Gel Cleanser

4.0 7