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Biore Skin Preservation Moisturizer

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Biore Skin Preservation Moisturizer is GREAT!


After trying Biore Skin Preservation Moisturizer, it is my new favorite face lotion and the only one I use!  I am outside in the sun year round for my job, so I am always looking for products that contain sunscreen - however, most of them are thick or greasy and I do not like wearing them everyday.  Biore Skin Preservation Moisturizer however, is very lightweight, it goes on smoothly and you can't even tell you have it on - but it does contain sunscreen!  This face lotion keeps me moisturized and protected from the sun without weighing me down or clogging up my skin.  The only issue I have had with the product is initial trouble getting both sides to come out (there is a green and white lotion, which come on on different sides, then mix together in your hand); however, if you just bang the container on the counter the other side will start to flow.  Overall, I love this lotion and definitely recommend it if you are looking for a lightweight lotion with sunscreen!  

Buffalo, NY


flakes off my face


I love the idea of dual products, so I was excited to try the Biore Skin Preservation Dual Fusion Moisturizer. Why do so many products these days have such long names?  Anyway, this also has a SPF ofo 15. Perfect. When I put it on, it felt good, but I could already tell it wasn't going to be rich enough for my dry skin. It was too thin. After I put it on, I would later notice little white flakes all over my skin! When I would rub at them, they would be hard to remove. They would be in my eyebrows, even leaving some small white spots where it didn't absorb well, I guess. I'm thinking this moisturizer had to be old, but, couldn't find a "use by" date anywhere. This has happened before with other moisturizers, so I knew this would be tossed or used on  my feet or something. Anywhere but my face! This was a terrible moisturizer. It's made my stay away from other  Birore products for sure.  This moisturizer is too thin for dry skin.

Yukon, OK


great for skin between acne and wrinkles


It's about time there's a moisturizer for us in-betweens.  Fortunately, I left acne behind, so I don't need a product to treat that, and fortunately, I haven't started doing the wrinkles thing just yet.  Oh, and I'm on a budget, so I can't afford anything super-pricy.  I also have dry/normal skin, and it's a little sensitive, too.  It's a pain to deal with daily sunscreen and moisturizing and finding products that work!  This two-in-one actually has more than the minimal recommendation of SPF 15, and SPF 30 is about as much as I've ever seen in other facial products. The moisturizer is rich too, but not thick or greasy.  It soaks into my skin and it feels nice and fresh and hydrated. The price is fair, compared to other moisturizers, although I wish there was less packaging.  It's a little tricky to use it the first time, you have to read the directions to get the product to distribute evenly.

Arlington, TX


when the first signs of aging start to develop


When the first signs of aging started to develop I was not sure what product would be best to use,so Itried Biore skinpreservation anti aging cream.This product promises to reduce fine lines,increase radiance,strenthen the skins barrier function,and neutrilize free radicals.I n other words,if you have that inbetween skin this product can slow down or even prevent the effects of aging,or at least the signs of aging.You know fine lines around the eyes,mouth and other unsightly places.Well all of this sounds good,but does it really work.The answer is yes .As a moisterizer its great.After a fews days my face was smooth as a babies bottom.Loved the fact that this hydrator has SPF of 30 and it did not make my face turn white.It has high foam with a fruity scent,and a creamy microderm exfoliator.this product line also comes with a fortifying eye cream,which reduced my puffiness,and a little goes a long way.

Louisville, KY


I love this stuff!


I have begun using the new line of skinpreservation products by Biore.  Among the products I am using is the dual fusion moisturizer.  I absolutely love this product.  It is about time they have come up with facial care lines for those of us in the in-between age group (too old for acne - too young for wrinkles - think again)!  LOL  Most moisturizers make my skin oily and cause me to break out, but I am about to turn thirty and want to prevent further skin damage and stop looking older as much as possible.  Biore Dual Fusion moisturizers fits my needs to a "T".  It moisturizes my skin very well, but never causes oiliness or breakouts.  Plus the spf 30 prevents further sun damage and aging.  The small 1.7oz bottle lasts me for an amazingly long amount of time, and I use the product twice a day.  I will not try any more facial moisturizers at this time, because I have found the one that works for me.  I think it is a good deal, because it lasts a long time (does not take a lot of product to moisturize your entire face) and is of great quality.  I recommend this product to anyone of the in-between age group (not a teen but not quite middle-aged), and to anyone who has problems with breakouts from other moisturizers.

Cartwright, OK


Eh...I was not very impressed.


I was SO happy to have finally found an oil free and non-comedogenic lotion that also had an spf of 30! However, I was mildly upset by my results. Yes, the lotion moisturised my face. But I could noot use more than one pump without having weird white bumps of dried lotion go everywhere and my face turn white from the extra lotion. I needed around 1 1/2 pumps to get my face covered so one was too little and two turned my face partially white with weird bumps. It's okay if you have some time and don't need to go anywhere for awhile because it does moisturize, it just takes awhile to sink in.  I was specifically looking for something at least 30 SPF with UVA/UVB protection, because otherwise, it's barely worth it. Sunscreen is something everypone should wear on a daily basis (also to your neck and backs of hands, nobody likes wrinkly hands!) and I must say that I have never been one to do this before. I also have sensitive, skin with hormonal breakouts so this was perfect for me. Overall, it was not worth the price...and was just alright.  

Perrysburg, OH


Not for serious users


Throught the years I have experimented with various beauty products.  Creams and lotions that vow to wow you or make you look years younger.  Some surprise, some disappoint and some are more ambiguous.  I can't tell if they are helping or not.  Biore skin preservation dual fusion mosisturizer falls into the last category for me.  I just can't tell what it's doing.  I don't see any harm in it.  That is, I can't point to anything specific that bothers me about it.  It doesn't make my skin oily.  It doesn't smell bad.  It doesn't cause any acne.  But I can't seem to point to any benefits it's giving my skin either.  When I put it on, I feel as if I haven't really done anything to my skin at all.  I put it on, it sinks in, and that's the only time I think about it.  I don't curse it later on in the day for making my nose look like an oil slick, and don't praise it for the youthful glow it's giving me.  At the end of the day, all I can say is that I think it is a harmless product that must be intended for adolescents and not for anyone over 25.  As for the spf factor, that's great, but I would rather use my normal skin care products with a light, non-comodegenic sunscreen. 

Conover, NC


Biore Skin Preservation Moisturizer

3.9 7