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Biore Pore-Minimizing Lightweight Moisturizer

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it's all in the name


i really love this stuff.  it has these oil absorbing spheres that really do the job.  it makes my skin feel like silk all day.  it has sunscreen, which is always a plus.  it smells great, but it's a very light smell.  it mixes well with my foundation.  it's non-irritating.

Mesa, AZ


Does not minimize pores


This moisturizer has a pleasant smell, isn't greasy, and as the name says, is lightweight.  However, it did nothing to minimize the appearance of my pores.  It also burned slightly.Given that, I'll go back to my usual moisturizer which has all of the positives I listed above while costing half as much!

Lancaster, PA


Done with my moisturizer search!


I accidentally bought this thinking it was the Biore Pore Minimizing scrub (which I absolutely adore!!!). When I got home and noticed my mistake, I was skeptical about trying the moisturizer since my skin can be very sensitive and quick to react to new products. I tried it though and OMG! I will NEVER use another moisturizer again, I am hooked on this stuff! It goes on like silk and keeps me shine-free for pretty much all day. Most moisturizers tend to make you look greasy, but this is the exact opposite. My skin is so much smoother and softer after I apply it and I don't know if it really minimizes pores (I never really had large ones to begin with), but my skin definitely looks clearer and finer after it's on. LOVE this stuff!!!!

Rego Park, NY


Biore Pore-Minimizing Lightweight Moisturizer

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