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Bionaire Tower Fan

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Some of the worst customer service exchnanges I have ever had!


I purchased not one, but two, Bionaire Tower Fans.  Assembly should have been a no-brainer; 4 screws should have been included.  In one box, I found no screws at all.  In the other, two screws were missing. I emailed customer service to alert them and asked if they would send me the requisite screws.  They told me the screws were out of stock (oh, maybe that's why they weren't in the box?!!) --and that they had no idea when they would be getting them in. Period.  End of story.  Not "we're happy to send them out as soon as they arrive" or "we'll check with our supplier and see how we can find and expedite these to you." Giving them the benefit of the doubt -- that maybe they were going to do that, but just didn't tell me", I followed up again to ask about their being able to resolve the out of stock issue.  They told me there would be/could be no followup on their part. In somewhat disbelief that I understood them correctly, I asked them again --reminding them that because of the lack of screws, I have both of thir fans laying on their sides, inoperable. And house guest for 3 months waiting for them to work. Ahhh...here's more craziness ...Bionaire "customer service" then told me that if I could find the receipts, they would send me new fans.  Can you imagine, sending me two new fans instead of six screws?!!!  How in the world do they have screws for the new fans? I told them I was glad I didn't own stock in their company. Since I travel 90 percent of the month on business, I've been unable to be home long enough to look for my receipts.  Besides, it's a ludicrous response to my needs.  How in the world can an appliance manufacturer be unable to find six screws to make their merchandise usable? I cannot even imagine the dissatisfaction other consumers might experience if they had a more serious product defect. *I would never buy from a company that distances itself so much a consumer problem --and a small one at that!!!*

New York, NY


Bionaire Tower Fan

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