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Bionaire Tower Air Purifier

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Bionaire Ionizing air cleaner


I am allergic to cats and have never been able to explain to my cat that having him in the bedroom is really not conducive to my good health. I got this air cleaner and it has greatly reduced my problems with cat hair (of which the cat has a great deal). It has a remote for easy operation and that allows you to turn the unit on and off as well as set the oscillation speed of the air cleaner. You don't need to use the oscillation feature, but I find that it allows the cleaner to cover more area in the room. There is a filter service indicator light on the unit and it lets you know when it is time to wash the filter with warm soapy water. According to the manufacturer the filter should never need to be replaced and so far with repeated washings mine is working just fine. The rest of the interior of the machine can be cleaned with the crevice tool attachment on your vacuum. The best part for me is that there are little tabs that click into place when you are replacing the washed filter so that you know that you have it in the proper position. Yes, this unit is a little pricey, but not as much as the Ionic breeze and it does a great job for me. Dust/Allergen Removal I have extremely bad allergies and it does help me somewhat Effectiveness It does make your allergies go away but it does help a lot Design Swivel design so it can cover an entire room

Sacramento, CA


Bionaire air filters are the first cleanable hepa air filter.


I was looking to buy a true hepa air filter and keeping down the costs of filters. Most of the hepa air filters on the market need to have their filters replaced after a few months. These type of air filters are pretty expemsive and they do not last more that 3 months. This model has true hepa filters that you remove and vacuum them. It is real easy to do, but you need to go outside and do it or use a vacuum that has a heps air filter.

Mc Intosh, FL


Bionaire Tower Air Purifier

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