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Bionaire Portable Silent Micathermic Radiator Heater

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Bionaire Silent Micathermic Radiator Heater is a improvement


This is a great deal for those who suffer from allergies or are very conscience about energy and keeping our environment as green as possible.  What makes it great for allegies it easily puts out enough heat for a winter night for one room heating.  If you dont need to heat a whole house this keeps dust from sturring especially in a bed room.  This also conserves electricity by heating only the area that needs to be kept warm.    I love the heat is automatic.  You dont need to wait as with the old ceramic heaters that were oil filled to start to feel the warmth.  The outside does feel very warm to the touchso it may not be the best solution if you have a small baby - but it does not burn to the touch.  My dog loves to get near the heat and I dont need to worry she will be burnedor dry out her coat because the heat is not the type that dries out the air.  A young childprobably around 8 years of age could easily carry this unit so it is also great for thosewho dont want to lift a heavy item and with the handle it is easy to transport. It is sleek in design so it will not appear bulky in your room.  Slim enough that you can put it close to a wall and not lose space in your room.  Easy to dust and keep clean.  Warms a room in little time,cozy non drying heat,economical,great for pets who want the warmth,very portable. Perfect solution for our home. Only negative- such a better heat than a heat pump would love to have in every room because it does not dry the air and we could use it only when we needed the heat in that room.

Scottsdale, AZ


The Bionaire Electric Radiator Heater is good.


This Bionaire Electric Radiator Heater is pretty good, in my opinion. I haven't had any problems with it so far since I bought it about a year ago. I like how it doesn't blow heat out and just radiates it, so you can just feel heat and not wind blowing at you. It's really slim, so it's convenient to store it when you don't need it. I like using this when it's cold, especially in the wintertime because it keeps you warm and cozy. It's also very quiet, which is nice if you want to concentrate or just relax. For me, it hasn't broken down yet, and isn't that expensive. It's a good deal for its price. I'd recommend it to anyone who is looking to buy a nice, quiet, convenient heater to use when it's cold.

San Francisco, CA


I'm a big (heater) fan!


We live in a large ranch home so the temperature in our house is very difficult to control. It's freezing on one end of the house and warm on the other. Very frustrating! We have gone through our share of space heaters. Initially they are fine, but after a few months something goes wrong (starts making loud, rattly noises, works intermittently, breaks altogether, etc). We found this unit at Costco. They always have quality products at awesome prices, plus they have a great return policy if you are not happy with the product. So far so good, we love our space heater. My husband and I keep raving about how awesome this one is. It's fairly quiet (silent on the "low" setting, but kind of annoying on the "high" setting), but most importantly heats the room beautifully. I feel so warm and cozy in our large bedroom. It's actually the warmest room in our house. This winter has been SO COLD and I'm so grateful to have found this space heater. 5 stars hands down!

Independence, MO


Bionaire is effective and quiet


My wife is always cold during the winter, and so I bought this space heater to stop her complaints about not being able to stay warm.  I hated the old space heater we had because it was small, loud, and always generated a funny smell along with the heat.  It also would stop working after a while, I think because it would overheat. This space heater has none of those problems. It is effective, and seems energy efficient. It is also quiet, as it radiates heat instead of blowing it, which is something I appreciate. The heater also heats our small apartment rather quickly, which means we don't have to waste a lot of energy in leaving it on all the time. I was a bit weary of the price in the beginning, but have not regretted this more expensive purchase because it has yielded a higher quality.  It has been an easy solution to a problem we have, and we will continue touse the Bionaire in the future because of its effectiveness.

Highland, UT


Bionaire Portable Silent Micathermic Radiator Heater

5.0 4