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Bionaire Portable Oscillating Tower Heater

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Great Space Heater


This space heater has done a great job for a room in our house that doesn't get much heat. You can set what you want the temperature to be at and when it gets to the heat it turns itself off. It also can rotate back and forth to distribute the heat evenly throughout the room which is nice. Or you can make it so it is stationary as well! I didn't like how it was a little noisy at night. It was harder to go to sleep some times when it was one, but not too bad. I always worry a little having a heater on all night. So if I was trying to warm up a room before somebody came over I would just set it at the temperature it needed to be at and then warm it up before they went to bed. This heater is pretty easy to use, very basic and not confusing at all. Overall I would recommend this heater. Performance It performs pretty well. Ease of Use Very easy to use. Basic buttons! Durability Pretty durable. It has worked well for me for a couple years now! Design The design is fine, nothing too stylish. Safety I think its pretty safe because it will turn off after it reaches its desired temp. But I always worry about running any heater all night.



The Bionaire BFH3521 Space Heater does a good job in small rooms


In an effort to save money on electricity, I decided to turn the central heat off as much as possible and use a space heater when I'm going to be in one room for a while.  I bought the Bionaire BFH3521 Space Heater, and have been very happy with the results.  I use it primarily when I'm working on my computer in my office, and in my master bedroom and master bathroom in the winter time to keep warm. I like that you can either program it to heat up to a defined temperature, or just let it run for as long as you want until you are sufficiently warm.  Not only is it a nice size, it's easy to carry around from room to room with the built-in 'handle'.  It's lightweight, and can be carried with one hand, and you can even store the plug end of the electrical cord into the top recessed area so you don't have to drag the cord on the ground when you move it. This little heater has been more than sufficient to warm up the bedroom then turn off before going to sleep, and to warm up the bathroom so coming out of the shower is comfortable and not a freezing experience.  It's easy to turn on and off, and overall, very convenient.

Portland, OR


Bionaire BFH3521 Space Heater


There are three things that I really like about this space heater: first, it can be programmed to turn on and off depending upon the temperature of the room. This is great because I have a large home to heat during the Buffalo NY areas winters, and am trying to cut my heating costs. So this way, I can heat only the rooms I'm working in. It's light enough to move around easily. Second, it has features that will shut off the heater when it's even slightly unlevel, even a small and quick tip off its base will do it. Plus, it will also stop if there's any obstruction around the heater, for example when my cat sat too close to it. The thiri thing that I liked was that it really did cut my heating costs. I really don't have any negative comments about this heater.

North Tonawanda, NY


Great heater!


I got this about a month ago and use it in a space about 360 sf.   I like that you can set a temperature and it will cycle on and off to maintain that temperature. It also comes with a little remote so you can control it. It also has a freeze safe setting so that if a space gets below 40* it will turn on so your water pipes won't freeze. It is easy to move around and seems really safe.  I checked by putting it on its side while it was on and it immediately turned off. You can also set it for a specific amount of time to turn off, say like two hours.  I wish it had a timer for turning on like say two hours before you get home or before you get up in the morning. I find it much easier to use in a small space and think I am saving money on my electric bill by using this efficient and warm heater.  The cord isn't very long so I use it on a power strip.  It also has a fan only mode for in the summer It has been a great space heater!

Park City, UT


Bionaire Portable Oscillating Tower Heater

4.3 4