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Bionaire Portable Digital Ceramic Tower Heater

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Bionaire space heater works


I like the features of this space heater.  I bought it for our detached garage, which has been converted into a living space and music practice space.  It is a pretty big room and I wasn't sure if this heater would be able to heat it, but it does a good job.  A cool feature of this heater is the "frost protection."  You can set this feature on so that if the temperature of the room goes below 40 degrees fahrenheit, the heater switches on.  This is helpful since we store a lot of expensive music gear in our garage, and keeping it at a stable temperature is important.  Also, we can turn this feature on when no one is in the room, so that on the coldest of days, it will at least stay above 40 in there for when we do go back to the garage.  The remote control is a nice feature, but I don't see myself using it much.  I am not sure how this will affect my energy bill, but I bought it to replace a VERY old heater, so I am expecting it to help with the bills a little bit.  I would recommend this product.


Minneapolis, MN


Warms the room and maintains the temperature.


My husband and I each have a "work room" (12' X 22' each) in our basement. We finally broke down this year and purchased the room heater. The rooms were just too cold to work in during the winter months. We were split on our concerns. He wanted heat fast but inexpensive. I was concerned about safety around our dog and grandkids. We decided to test out this unit to see if it would meet our requirements. The heater can be set for the desired room temperature and it takes over from there. If the unit is accidentally knocked over it will self shut off. We are going to buy another of this heater for the other room. We can easily give this product a thumbs up!


Athol, ID


Bionaire Portable Digital Ceramic Tower Heater

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