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Bionaire Humidifier

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Water tank design is clumsy and fragile.


Cost more than most but a good unit, except for the water tank design.  Must turn tank upside down to fill.  The tank is about 18 inches tall and has a large capacity (3 gallons), and it has a POINTED TOP.  So to fill it, you turn it upside down and hold it steady in a bathtub... there is no real easy way to do this.  I was filling it up in a wet bathtup and (no surprise) the pointed tip slipped on the bottom of the tub... the tank fell over and then cracked.  Very sad to see such a fatal/poor design in an otherwise nice unit.

Boise, ID


Bulky but it works


I am not a winter lover so here in the Pacific Northwest when it comes November/December time, I am living in fear! The cold air does not sit well in my lungs and last year I had a cough for over 3 months! After purchasing this humidifier my cough was gone within days! And this year when I started to get the achy, scratchy throat symptoms, the humidifier came out of hibernation mode and healed me once again. It is a little noisy, and it confuses me sometimes because I feel like its raining cats and dogs outside, but its actually the machine! But it can also be taken as a soothing sound, like a bubbling brook - the kind of sounds some people even buy on CD to help them sleep! I personally like it dead quiet and pitch black, but I also prefer not to have a cough, so I had to take the noisiness of this machine over coughing out a lung. I also take issue with how big it is and how often it needs to be cleaned. Other than that it has served me well...

Federal Way, WA


big but effective


We bought the Bionaire Humidifier after our baby was born since we heard a humidifier was best for newborns. Although I think a humidifier for everybody is a good idea! There were so many humidifiers to choose from that it was really hard to choose! But my husband actually chose this one after reading the pros and cons about it. If you care about the quality and the performance of your humidifier, it's best to do some research and test it out before you make a purchase. We liked it in the beginning and it worked really well, but afater a few times, the filter had to be cleaned right away! So we cleaned it (it was a very painstaking job!) and then after a few more uses, the filter needed to be cleaned again! So, if you use your humidifier every day, then this one will need to have its filter cleaned on a regular basis. The motor is quite loud, but we liked it because it made good white noise for our baby to help him sleep. It's also pretty big but it covers a pretty big area unlike the smaller humidifiers out there.

Yorba Linda, CA


Bionaire Humidifier

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