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Bionaire 36 Hour Cool Mist Humidifier

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Bionaire 36 Hour Cool Mist Humidifier is a skin-saver!


We live in Northeast Tennessee so most of the year we have the benifit of the moist humid climate to keep our skin and nasal passages from drying and craking but in the winter months when our heat pump is cranking we get little respid from the drying effects of the forced air heat it produces. My husband suffers from ezcema and several dry skin and I suffer from sinus problems so we are very sensitive to drying conditions. Last year we could not take it any more and we went out and searched every store for a good quality humidifier. My mom has another model of the Bionaire and she just loves it. We did a few searches and read some reviews and decided on this moderatly priced model. We keep it set at a fairly humid setting so we often have to refill once ever 24hrs if we run it through the day. It has been great for my husbands skin and my sinuses. Even our dogs suffer less from dry itchy skin. My only cons about this model is the digital screen is REALLY bright which is annoying at night. And I wish there was a re-useable alternative to the filter. I hate discarding filters, I would prefer a model that allows me to wash and reuse. Otherwise this has been a great investment. We plan on getting another one this year for my sons room.

Bristol, TN


Bionaire 36 Hour Cool Mist Humidifier

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