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Biolage Detangling Solution

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Biolage Is Great To Use After New Perms!


I get a spiral perm every 12 -16 months since I have somewhat natural curly hair.  My hair is long, thick and can be a challenge to detangle after a shower with a spiral perm.  My hair dresser suggested I try this product after two weeks of my new perm.  You really have to be careful when using conditioners with perms, as most will weigh down the curl and eventually the costly perm can be gone.  I had used other Biolage products in the past, so I bought this one.  Is made by Matrix and comes in a 13.5 fl. oz bottle with flip cap.  It smells good, is a medium weight conditioner and really did the job.  I only used a very small amount - like the size of a dime to nickel - on my hair and rinsed it out.  I did a great job of softly detangling my hair without damaging my perm.  I have such long and thick hair that my hair dresser has to use two boxes of perms, so I am very careful on what products I use.  I suggest you give this product a try if you have the same type hair I do and I am sure you will be pleased with the results.  I only use this product for a few months after my new perm and then switch over to AG.


Oxford, OH


Doesn't weigh down hair


I have thin hair and an oily scalp. It is difficult to find a conditionar that hydrates without weighing my hair down. Besides, I usually end up ripping out my hair trying to comb it out when wet. When I use this, I can comb through it - no sweat , and it hydrates without making it greasy. It tends to be on the moderately expensive side but it is worth the price.


Vashon, WA


Biolage Detangling Solution

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