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Biokleen Oxygen Bleach Plus with GSE

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Crazy dusty


I saw Biokleen's Oxygen Bleach Plus while browsing online and bought it thinking that it would be a better (and perhaps environmentally friendlier) option than the leading oxygen type cleaner. It was more expensive, at least in my area, per ounce, for the Biokleen product, so I was hoping to get better performance out of it as related to my old standby in the laundry cabinet. I was thoroughly unimpressed. When measuring it out into your washing machine, it is considerably dusty, so much so that I wanted to run and grab one of those white dust masks every time I used it. I had to hold my breath and turn my head to try to keep it from irritating my eyes, nose, and mouth. In addition to the dustiness, I did not perceive any noticeable difference in effectiveness than my regular oxygen cleaner that is widely available and does not send up a dust cloud each time I pour it in my washing machine.

Gulfport, MS


Stains don't stand a chance!


This has become my new best friend in the laundry room! I have used Oxiclean in the past but have always had issues with it not dissolving well in my water and leaving my clothes dull and powder on my clothes. I know this is partly due to my super hard water but I can only do so much with my water. I got a canister of this for a great deal. I can't believe the difference I have seen in my clothes. Besides fighting stains this also works as a water condition. It helps my laundry soap bubble up more, I like to see bubbles in my machine through the whole wash cycle. This stuff also dissolves completely even in cold water! I have never had my clothes come out of the wash so bright and fresh looking. I have also used this to help clean around the house. I have dumped some in my toilet and kitchen sink. It helps keep them bright and looking wonderful. I love the fact that this is a "green" product and I really love that it is a "green" product that really works well! Performance Out shines Oxiclean by miles! Scent It doesn't have a scent.

Iliff, CO


Biokleen Oxygen Bleach Plus with GSE

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