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Biokleen Free & Clear Laundry Liquid

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Best free and clear detergent so far.


I've used a ton of different free and clear detergents in the past but the Biokleen Free and Clear Detergent is one of my new favorites. I like that it's made completely of plant and fruit based products such as grapefruit seed. I find that with this free and clear detergent that although it doesn't have any added fragrances and is made with plant cleaner that it does a wonderful job at cleaning and removing stains out of my clothes completely. Even the toughest to remove stains have come out of my clothes with this detergent. I've gotten a ton of different sauces on my clothes when cooking dinner, and one quick cycle with this detergent has completely removed them with ease. Another great thing about this detergent is that even though it is unscented, it completely removes odors out of my clothes without leaving a harsh masking scent behind. Most laundry detergents made me sneeze and itch but this one does not. It makes my skin feel at ease, even when it's at it's driest. Also I've found that even though it is made out of plant based cleaning products that it makes my clothes look vibrant and very clean and fresh. I think I've found my new favorite detergent. Performance Although it doesn't have any fragrances, harsh cleaning agents, or added dyes, it does a fantastic job at giving my clothes a deep clean without ruining the quality of my clothes. I also like this free and clear detergent because it doesn't leave any weird coating on my clothes, and completely takes away any odor in them. Although it is fragrance free I can never smell any left over odors in my clothes. It completely neutralizes them, and leaves me feeling fresh all day. Scent This is a free and clear detergent, which means it has absolutely no added fragrances or dyes added to it. Which makes it great for babies or people which sensitive skin, allergies, and asthma. I've noticed that I have been having more of a reaction to scented laundry detergents in the winter, especially because of dry skin, so I've switched to using more free and clear laundry detergents, which don't irritate my skin at all anymore.

Stroudsburg, PA


Biokleen Laundry Liquid - Excellent value


I picked this up on a whim from Fred Meyer and have to say that I am very impressed by this product. A little goes a LONG way. Since we have a front loading washer, I only use a tablespoon per load. After using this for about four months, we have about half the bottle left - and that's after four loads of laundry a week. So although it may be a little more expensive than other detergents, it is definitely worth the money. I also like the fact that this does not have a lot of unneeded chemicals or scents. I feel safe using this for my baby's laundry, as well as for the rest of the family's. It also is good at getting stains out of our clothes. If a particular stain is stubborn, take a little of the liquid and let the stain soak for at least 15 minutes prior to washing. I highly recommend this product!

Olympia, WA


My favorite all natural laundry detergent!


I have been using this laundry detergent for a few months now and have to say that it is my favorite all natural detergent for many reasons. First it works really well. We use cloth diapers, napkins, and rags and even those aren't stinky anymore with this detergent. Other laundry soaps could not get the stink out. It is also really reasonably priced. I find it even at the most expensive of health food stores at a lower price than almost all other "natural" laundry products. It also has a great smell to it. You can tell that they are careful about what they put into it. I was making my own homemade laundry detergent for a while. Biokleen compares well in both cost and effectiveness. It is great for when we are too busy with a new baby or other things to worry about making an effective, yet safe laundry soap. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to balance natural, effective, and frugal.

Dexter, MI


Biokleen Free & Clear Laundry Liquid

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