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BioWorx Shower Cleaner

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Finally a shower cleaner that works!


Bioworx shower cleaner is amazing! Having hard, well water I have tried many shower cleaners, I spray Bioworx on(I let it sit a minute) I can wipe off all the scum and hard water stains with hardly any effort using just a sponge! This has never been the case with other products for me. Thanks Bioworx for making my life easier!!! I also want to add that I feel much more comfortable cleaning my children's bath with Bioworx. I always wondered how much harmful chemical they were bathing in after a cleaning. Performance Not only does all of the soap Scum and hard water stains wipe of easy, I feel my shower stays cleaner longer. Also the chrome in my shower sparkles!! Scent Originally I was not keen on the scent but Bioworx must have updated this because I now love it, non if that bleach, burn your nose chemical smell!



BioWorx Shower Cleaner

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