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BioSilk Hydrating Conditioner

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Nice but expensive conditioner


I got this conditioner in a package deal with the other Biosilk Silk Therapy products (shampoo and serum). I probably would not have bought it otherwise, considering how expensive it is compared to other similar conditioning products. I have used the conditioner both with and without the accompanying shampoo, and I believe it works well either way. It does leave your hair soft and shiny, with reduced frizz and damage, and an enjoyable scent. It goes on smooth and washes out without leaving a greasy residue behind. Although the Biosilk Conditioner does everything it promises, I have found other conditioning products that have comparable results and lower price. While I would definitely buy this product if I found it on sale, I don't think that it's necessary. Really, as long as you have the Biosilk Serum (now that stuff's the real deal!) to put in your hair after washing, you don't necessarily need to use this conditioner or the accompanying shampoo.


Durham, NC


good and ready to go.


I am a type of person that rather pay the price for quality meaning if the product is good i'm willing to pay the price even if it comes in such a small package but i streach the product and not waist it cause i try to cherish things that is the best and works great on me i'm a type of person who don't put things to waist because i know that money doesen't grow on trees and i hav two children and raising them on a very low low budget the way my parents had raised me i know it's very very hard to do especially when your children wants mostly everthing and it makes you sad when you want to get it for them but you know you can't and makes you feel like crying thats why when i do have the money to buy thins fr my self i go for quality and i make sure it's worth my money and that i don't waist any of it. Biosilk is one of many products that i enjoy an i recomend that people, my family, and my friends to buy it,


Waipahu, HI


wonderful smell, and texture


This stuff is awesome.  It has a great smell and wonderful texture.  Leaves your hair smelling wonderful and easy to manage.  Can be found at any retailer and is well worth the extra money.  Can be used with any other hair products. 


Bowling Green, KY




Amazing conditioner! Using this along side Biosilk silk therapy shampoo with give you the most incredible hair. Leaving it soft, silky and shinny! You will get so many compliments and people will envy you for your hair. Worth the cost, because it does cost a bit more then most shampoo conditioners but like I said it's worth the cost! Try it for yourself and be ready to shine! Loving your hair like you have never done before. I would recommended this conditioner to anyone as it is good for any type of hair. It helps to repair hair to a youthful look. The smell is wonderful and it leave your hair looking very sexy weather your male or female. Brittle hair comes to life and dull hair has a new shine. If you have trouble hair, split ends or course hair this is the ideal conditioner because it will not only repair your hair but leave it looking better then it has ever looked before. Try it today and you'll never go back to your old conditioner again. Take it from me a person who has been using it since it has come out into the market some 10yrs. ago.


Granby, MA


BioSilk Hydrating Conditioner

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