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Shampoo for Damaged Hair
BioInfusion Organics Strenghten and Repair Shampoo

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Soft, soft hair


The thing I liked about Bioinfusion organics shampoo the most was how soft it made my hair feel, but my hair often turns out like that whenever I use an organic or all-natural shampoo. The texture just seems to change greatly. I had gotten a coupon or something for this and that was why I tried it. I'm not sure if it is all organic as it claims or not, but I was hoping so. I am trying to use more organic and all-natural products more often. The smell of this shampoo has a natural smell that's different than artificially scented shampoos, which is great to me. I really don't care if my shampoo smells great or not because it isn't going to last anyways, not after conditioning it and then hair spray or any other product I might use. Scentless shampoo to me would be a plus. All in all, I liked this shampoo enough to use the entire bottle, which I won't do if I don't like it. I noticed the more I used this, the better my hair seemed to get. I think it really did do some repairing of my hair, which I need because I color my roots every 6 to 8 weeks. I recommend trying this shampoo and sticking with it for several weeks to give it a chance to repair your hair. I don't think you'll be disappointed at all. Effectiveness Give it a chance. Repeated usage benefited my hair greatly. Scent A different, unique smell that I actually liked.



OK, but not sure how effective it is


I received this shampoo as a "free after rebate" deal at Walgreens. It seemed like a high end brand and so I thought I would give it a try. The bottle size is pretty good, you have enough to use for a while. It also seemed packaged like a higher end shampoo product. The scent is a little strange, but sometimes natural products smell that way. To be honest, it left my hair a little bit dry, especially on the ends. It would also be slightly on the expensive side if you were to purchase it regularly and not as a free after rebate item. I am not sure if I would be tempted to purchase it again. It did get my hair pretty clean, though. I have dry unruly hair and it did not do much to calm my hair. I think I should stick to sulfate free products instead of this. I also don't understand the organic benefits to this shampoo. I don't think that feature is worth paying more for in the future either.

Millstone Township, NJ


Great Discovery!


I discovered Bioinfusion a couple years ago just by chance. It looked interesting, so I thought I'd give it a chance. I'm glad I did because at the time my hair really needed some oomph behind it, and it really works. Good stuff indeed! Effectiveness Highly effective. It took my flat, fine hair and actually increased its strength and elasticity. My hair is prone to breaking and this really makes a difference. And it's a difference that lasts too. Scent I really like the scent, just not crazy about it. But to each his own. It's just that the other Bioinfusion shampoo I tried (mint) did smell a bit better to me.



Awful Shampoo!


This is such an awful shampoo! Maybe the worst I've ever bought. I was thinking that the bottle looked classy and natural should be good for your hair, right? Yeah, not so much. The smell of this BioInfusion Organics Strengthen and Repair Shampoo is pretty bad. This kind of thing is what turns people off from natural or organic products. It smells like a combination of a wheat grass smoothie and a compost pile. Not a good combination. It doesn't lather at all. With Wen I'm fine with the no lather, but those doesn't feel like it's doing anything great for your hair while it's sitting there like Wen does. My hair felt like straw when I washed this out. It was awful. Yet another full bottle of shampoo that had to go straight in the trash! I think the name is also misleading. Using the word Organics in the title makes you think the ingredients are all organic, but I don't remember seeing that Organic seal that most products carry these days if their ingredients are truly all organic. I guess you can name a shampoo anything you want without actually making it Organic. What a scam. Effectiveness I would not recommend this to anyone. Ever. Scent Yuck. Totally gross.

Southfield, MI


BioInfusion Organics Strenghten and Repair Shampoo

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