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BioInfusion Organics: Eucalyptus & Lavender

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Great for the scalp


Yes I really have tried just about every Bioinfusion shampoo and conditioner just because they never fail. This one is no different. It gives a tremendous cleansing experience and leaves your hair stronger, shinier, and definitely more manageable. I usually follow up with the olive oil shine serum (love it). I would review that one but it's not currently a choice. Effectiveness Same as all the other Bioinfusion shampoos -- it does what it sets out to do as far as cleaning and softening and shining up your hair. Highly effective -- and I highly recommend this! Scent This is the only Bioinfusion shampoo where I wasn't crazy about the scent. I love lavender -- it's just that eucalyptus has never been a favorite of mine. So after I tried this one, I went back to the others because of the scent. Those of you who love eucalyptus will love this!



Refreshing BioInfusion makes me drift away in a stressfree cloud


I picked up the shampoo and conditioner, BioInfusion Organics. I had never seen either one on the shelf, but felt the fact that they contained two of my favorite fragrances made them worth my time. I took them home and tried them that evening. I felt surrounded by a cloud of wonderment. And my hair felt clean and devoid of the harsh chemicals that the well known hair treatments leave on it. I do not like to use those as my long hair easily shows the damage of age, weather, and all the other things which so easily damage my long hair. To say that I was pleased is an umderstatement. I absolutely love the product, particularly the Lavender and Eucalypus  brand. I am very happy feeling a bit more like a hippy with my hair smelling like flowers. My only concern is that the conditioner goes so much faster than the shampoo, but that happens with every single shampoo I have ever used.

Gainesville, FL


BioInfusion Organics: Eucalyptus & Lavender

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