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BioInfusion Olive Oil Deep Conditioning Treatment

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This truly saved my hair!


I recently used a temporary color on my hair to see if I ilked the change (copper red to chocolate brown), however, this particular brand really dried my hair out! I was using my really expensive shampoo & conditioner and even styling products but nothing seemed to help. I went to the drug store in a frantic search to find SOMETHING that would make my hair look & feel better. Now, I don't have ethic hair by any means, but it does tend to be on the dry/coarse side so I'm not afraid of really rich products for my hair. After spending about 30 minutes in the "hair" isle I wandered over to where they keep all the products for ethnic hair. I had heard about BioInfusion products before but I got intriqued when I saw the Olive Oil line. Well, the smell first off is just delicious!! There are two deep conditioners - one I guess for right in the shower and another one I suppose you keep on your hair longer. The intense deep conditioner jar was a lot bigger than the regular deep conditioner and the same price so I decided I would give it a try. It's very dense and rich, but what I did was take about a quarter size dollop of the product and emulsified it in my hands and just worked it into the my hair. I saw an IMMEDIATE difference in my hair. It was softer and already a bit shinier. I left it for a while and my hair soaked it right in but was not greasy or tacky. I put a bit more in before I went to bed. This morning when I woke up my hair was like silk! I didn't even have to wash it! After a quick run over with the blow dryer to get out the kinks from sleeping and the flat iron I put just a small dab of product on my hair and it's like it has come back to life. The dark color now is shiney and my hair feels completely revitalized. I am definitely going back tonite to buy the shampoo & conditioner. I would highly recommend this product and it will work well as a leave-in, but I would use small amounts as not to oversaturate the hair. I can see this going in the wrong direction if you used too much. What a relief!!! Thank you BioInfusion - you have a new, dedicated customer!

Key West, FL


BioInfusion Olive Oil Deep Conditioning Treatment

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