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Bio Marine by Oceana
Bio Marine by Oceana Topical Deep Water Squalane

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Squalane is my favorite thing for my face and mastectomy site.


I love using Squalane on my face.  Besides my face, though, I use it on the site of my mastectomies and the whole area where radiation was used. Research has led Dr. David Williams to say that it is so good for skin that if he had any kind of cancer he would 'slather' it with Squalane.  Since breast cancer is likely to return to the site where it was originally, I am sure to use it daily on my chest, under my arms and on my neck, all places where it is likely to return to the skin or nodes.  My radiologist, said, "Whatever you're using is paying you great rewards; keep it up." I thank God for healing and for products like this to help me in my healing and comfort. Ammendment added 10-15-10:  I learned that this product is no longer available through this company when I attempted to order more.  UGH!  They make a similar product, using olive oil.  I imagine it would be good, too, but I need the real Squalane made from ocean whales.  So, I found a new supplier:  I buy online from Herbs Pro and it's called Mayumi Squalane Skin Oil. 


Hobart, OK


No break outs- just beautiful skin.


**You may be asking yourself, "What the heck is squalane anyway?" **I certainly would have asked the same question at one time in my life. My son, Trevor, introduced me to this product a couple years ago and I have used it ever since...**Topical Deep Water Squalane **is a natural, skin emollient made from the livers of sharks; Centrophorus sharks that live in the deep waters of Tasmania. Somehow this unique shark manages to survive the harsh, sunless environment it calls home. Research shows that the reason they are able to thrive is their large liver. And, since the Centrophorus shark seems to be immune to cancer and other disease, researchers have long searched for the reason why. Discovery shows that extract from the livers contains an ingredient called Squalene. [squa-leen] This high-quality unsaturated hydrocarbon is capable of supplying our skin cells with much needed oxygen helping them regenerate. This greater ability to respirate supplies the skin with added moisture. Squal**ane** is derived from squal**ene**. **Squalane** is *also made from a component of olive oil.* This vegetable-based squalane has the same qualities of animal-based squal**ene** and is less expensive than the animal version. More and more cosmetic companies are using the vegetable base squalane instead of the shark based product. The problem is that the manufactured products are not always clearly marked. **Squalane is the perfect everyday moisturizer for both men and women.** Use daily to the face, neck and hands before bedtime. Use around the eyes and throw away those expensive eye creams! As an antioxidant it helps free the skin from free radicals as the natural moisturizer quickly absorbs into the skin to protect it against aging and dryness. Non-comedogenic, it will not clog pores as well. Use as a soothing aftershave balm too.  Wait a few minutes before applying make-up to allow time for your skin to absorb the product.This product comes fragrance free or with a hint of lavender. According to the company, sharks used in the production of this product are the result of deep sea fishermen who often find them in their nets. They are dead by the time they reach the surface and are then sold to companies for this purpose.  They do not actively harvest the sharks.I started using the fragrance-free version over a year ago along with [Alabu Goat's Milk Soap. ][1] The combination of the two products has given me beautiful, younger looking skin. I love the compliments and the money I save by not needing a lot of other products. It was not an overnight difference; just woke up one day and went, "Wow, where did those fine wrinkles around my eyes go?"**Warning:** Anyone with fish allergies should consult their physician before using or use the olive oil derivative. [Alabu carries a vegan squalane product.] [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Alabu-goat-milk-soap-review-7c5b3


Northern, FL


Bio Marine by Oceana Topical Deep Water Squalane

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