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Biltmore blitmore cookware

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wish I could get my money back. They are the worst


Don't buy them

cleveland Tn.


Worst ever


My husband bought me a gourmet series as a gift. The pans stick so badly. You can't use them for anything except to heat liquid. I am surprised the product would even exist on market for long. It is the worst I have ever have. As of the handle get hot easily, I can handle that cause I am not picky. But the non-stick claim is the biggest lie ever!!!!



Biltmore Cookware Failure


I was totally disappointed today when using my Biltmore pot. I kept thinking something was wrong with my stove eye because something just wasn't right. I kept going back and forth checking the stove. I picked up the pot and something fell off the bottom. I immediately covered it with a towel thinking it was a saucer or something that had stuck to the bottom of my pot. When everything cooled down enough to handle, I found that it was not a saucer but the bottom of the pot itself. It is in two pieces. The pot is no longer usable.

Kingsport, TN


what a durable set


I recently got a new set of cookware from Belk.  The cookware is fron the biltmore estate collection and contained basic pots and pans. Ifeel this set was a very good buy.  I didn't not pay too much for a great set of cookware that will last me a long time.  Of course thisn't the best in the world that money can buy but it is extra nice for what I need.  Made out of steel with brass bottoms this cookware has a very nice look to it.  it also heats quickly and holds the desired temp for long periods of time.  This set is nonstick and does not scratch up easily.  It seems to be very durable and extremely easy to clean.  It is dishwasher safe which to me is the best part.  I love to be in the kitchen and this set makes the whole experience that much enjoyable.  It is easy to use I have something no matter the size of what I'm cooking and easy clean up.  What more could someone ask for.  I would recomend this cookware set to anyone shopping for a new one. 

Charlotte, NC


Biltmore blitmore cookware

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