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Bil-Jac Frozen Dog Food

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bil jac keeps my dog healthy!


we had been feeding my dog dry food for a long time, and she liked it well enough, but i started noticeing her weight decreasing. one day i saw bil jac in my local grocery freezer. i had never heard anything about it, but decided to give it a try. she LOVES it. every time it's "food time" she leaps and howls at me. she's so happy and full of energy now, and i love seeing her have a little tummy. the only thing you have to remember is that it needs to be refrigerated. we don't keep a lot in our fridge, so it works out fine, and we have to clip the top. my only other complaint would be that the packaging is so small. we go through 1-1.5 a week with her, and she's a medium sized dog.

Oklahoma City, OK


Not just for food - But Great for Training Treats as well


For the price, it's worth it.  We buy this dog food and break it down into little bags to use as training treats.  It works wonderfully and the dogs like it.  It is easy to handle and can be mushed into balls to use during training.  As a previous review - yes it's like crack for dogs.  My dog seems to pay more attention to what I'm asking her to do if she knows there is a treat involved.  I recommend this product to anyone who has a dog in training or one going into training.  It can be carried in a treat pouch or put right into your pocket for easy use. Can also be used to administer medications to dogs, put the pill in the middle and form a ball, once again never an issue giving dogs medication when using Bil-Jac.  

Buffalo, NY


Best stuff out there for dogs!


Wow, is the best word I can use to describe this dog food.  My dogs are healthier, more active, and poop way less than when they were eating other dog foods.  My vet says it's the best out there.  I don't even have to change my pregnant dog's food to a type of puppy food if I'm using Bil's got just what she needs in it.  And you can feed it to the puppies as soon as they start eating solids!  This stuff is great!

Milledgeville, GA


crack for dogs


If you have trouble keeping weight on your dog or your dog is a very picky eater, I recommend Frozen Bil-Jac. It is difficult to find - not available in the big box pet stores but rather at local shops. It comes in 5 lb bags (yellow) and is frozen. Thaw in the fridge and keep refrigerated after thawed. My dogs go crazy for it.

Cary, NC


Bil-Jac Frozen Dog Food

4.8 4