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Dry Dog Food
Bil-Jac Dry Dog Food

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Bill Jac Dry Dog food


My dog loves Bill Jac dry dog food. Almost finished first bag. Here's the problem I am experiencing with it. She has consumed three times the amount of water in a day than before. Her flatulence is terrible. She used to poop once a day, now four times a day. So, I now have incontinence and defecating in the house.She acts more hyper as well. Doubt there is anything medically wrong with her because all this started the second day on Bill Jac. But she loves it and would eat four cups if I would put it down. Don't think I will buy another bag.




This was so overpriced


A year or more ago when my dog was having some health issues our vet asked me to out our dog on a diet with Bil-Jac dry dog food. It was seriously so overpriced. First of all instead of purchasing dog food from our local grocery store, I now had to take a thirty minute drive to a specialty pet store to purchase this particular dog food. This dog food is much more expensive than other dry dog foods on the market. Also I though it would fix some of the issues I was having with my dog and it was not working at all. I love to coupon to save some extra money and there are virtually no coupons for this particular brand of dog food. Overall I found this dog food to be expensive, inconvenient to purchase, and lacking of benefits. I also felt that this particular dog food had a terrible scent. It filled the kitchen and I always had to light a candle. Quality of Ingredients I am not sure about the quality of the ingredients but my dog did not like to eat it. Flavor Selection Will say they had a decent flavor selection for dry food.




One of the worst foods out there


Please, please, please read the label on this food. There is so much sugar in it, you may as well be feeding Twinkies! Last time I looked there was molasses and several other ingredients ending in "ose" (all forms of sugar). Yes, the dogs love it! Who wouldn't want a candy bar instead of a nutritious meal?


Bolingbrook, IL


I Took The Two-Bowl Challenge


As a "Pet Mom" I always want to feed my 2 dogs food that they not only enjoy, but that I know is providing them top nutrition. I was fortunate enough to receive a coupon for a free bag of Bil-Jac dog food from BzzAgent. I wasn't familiar with the brand beforehand, but after a trip to PetCo, I see that the company offers a wide variety of dog food. I bought the regular Adult Dog choice, & when I brought it home, I set out a bowl of my dogs' regular food, & a small bowl of the new Bil-Jac food. My dogs couldn't wait to check out the new food, & they made quick work of emptying the bowl! I then checked out Bil-Jac's website, as I wanted to learn more about their product. I liked the fact that it provides more fresh chicken & fresh chicken organ meat than other dry foods. I was also impressed with the fact that it has no added fat, & that the food is prepared using a slow-cooking process to make the carbohydrates more digestible. In addition, I like that there's not a lot of additives & that the protein is derived from fresh ingredients. Of course, all of the healthy aspects are meaningless if the dog won't eat the food, but that was definitely not a problem with Bil-Jac! My dogs continued to enjoy the food, even after the "novelty" of the first bowl had worn off. The down side is that the food is more expensive than other dog foods, but for those who don't mind paying a little more, I would recommend this product.


Thompson, CT


A delightful dog food that is sure to please your pet.


I was recently given an opportunity to try out Bil Jac food for my dog thanks to BzzAgent & Bil Jac. Bil Jac claims that you do not have to slowly introduce the new food when starting out & that it is made with more chicken per pound as well as high quailty ingredients not found in other premium brands. Bil Jac is so confident that your dog will love & actually prefer Bil Jac, that they suggest you put Bil Jac up against your dogs current kibble & see which one he chooses. When set up with this challenge, my dog did go for the Bil Jac, eating the entire bowl in record time. I am not entirely convinced that this is solely based on better taste, but think this is based on new flavor excitement. After switching my dog to Bil Jac, an amazing thing happened. My smaller, underweight dog started gaining healthy pounds & showed a shinier coat. I could no longer see his spine jetting through his back & he seemed happier & more active. The downside to this food is that it created an abundance of foul smelling flatulence in my dog. It has put a damper on movie night when the whole family (dog included) gathers for time together. Bil Jac is a premium dog food that commands a premium price. This price tag is worth it when you consider the fact that because it is made from quality ingredients, your dog is satisfied eating less food. Thus, the bag you buy will last longer. And because he eats less food, he produces less waste for you to clean up. Overall, I recommend feeding your dog any dog food in Bil Jac's line of premium kibble. I feel good knowing that I am giving my pet a quality product that is made by a company commited to providing a healthy food my dog enjoys eating. We are proud to tell everyone that we feed Bil Jac to our pet. I dont see myself ever purchasing another brand of dog food in the future.


New Baltimore, MI


My dogs love it!!


I got to try this as part of a bzzcampaign, having received a coupon good for a free 6 lb bag. Locally Petmarts are the only place to find Bil-Jac dog foods so I went there to get it and selected the Select Adult variety. First thing you need to know about Bil-Jac is that they really use fresh farm raised chicken as their main protein source. Not grain glutens like a lot of brands do. They say they use 10 lbs of chicken to make every 15 lb bag and I believe it! There is no extra added fat only what is on the chicken naturally but they do add Omega 3 and Omega 6 that are good for the dog's skin and hair. I like that it is good for my dogs but that does not matter if the dog will not eat it. But my dogs loved it so much that I have had to return to Petsmart to buy more Bil-Jac dog food because nothing else will do for them now.


Trinity, TX


Bil-Jac dog food gets thumbs up from my dog


I received a coupon from BzzAgent to try the Bil-Jac 6lb dog food for free so I redeemed my coupon at PetSmart. I got it for our large golden retriever and he loved it. It is smaller pieces so easier to chew and digest. It looked fresher then some of the other dog food out there. The only down fall is it is very pricey for the little 6 lbs bag. Our dog goes through a 20lb bag every couple weeks so this is too expensive for us but it was a nice treat for him and he downed it and loved the taste.


American Fork, UT


I really like this product!


I received a coupon for free dog food from Bzz Agent and tried this food. I figured it was a good time to try something new as my dog, who is a 9 year old large breed, is very tired of his regular dry food (we only give him dry food). He has been giving us a hard time eating his old food which is Purina Fit & Trim. I put a little in his bowl to try and he did not eat it right away. But after a little coaxing, he ate it & gobbled it all up! I am mixing it in with his other food and will try switching him over to this one. It is definitely made much better than his old food!


Carlstadt, NJ


Bil-Jac Senior


I received a coupon from BzzAgent to try the Bil-Jac 6lb dog food for free so I redeemed my coupon at PetSmart. I selected the Bil-Jac Senior with chicken & oatmeal for my 11 year old black lab Joe. The food is pellet shaped like rabbit food which is different but easy to chew. Joe immediately liked it & ate it right up. We even tried the 2 bowl challenge & he did prefer this over his usual Hill's Prescription Diet low-fat diabetic gastrointestinal dog food. After he ate this for 3 days, we noticed he hardly had any bowel movement except only 2 small ones which is not like him so I started to worry & went back to his other food. His stomach aso looked bloated & felt hard so we ended up giving him an emema & he finally moved a lot of hardened feces out! All I can say is it must be this Bil-Jac food & maybe I should of mixed it with his previous food & introduced it more slowly. I will try the other Bil-Jac varieties for my other dogs that are 1 year and 6 years but no more Bil-Jac Senior for Joe.


Greenwood, SC


Bil-Jac made my dog sick!


I let my dog eat Bil-Jac one time, and will never make that mistake again!  She did love the taste of the dog food, but later that night, had diarrhea all over the house.  It was horrible!  I have since read some reviews on other websites, and other dog owners had a similar experience.  Some think that it is because of the high sugar content in Bil-Jac (or maybe corn allergy?).  Many say that the ingredients are really not that good for your dog, even though it is marketed as being a healthy dog food.  After this experience, we switched to AvoDerm, and have been completely happy with it.   I do wonder if maybe my dog overate when we gave her the BilJac, and that could have caused her problem (We don't measure out our dog's foood... She always has access to as much food as she wants, which is normally not a problem.  Maybe the Bil Jac tasted better than her other dog food, so she ate way too much?  However, I wouldn't want to try it again and take the chance of her getting sick all night again.) 


Oklahoma City, OK


Bil-Jac Dry Dog Food

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