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Bikes Direct

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Great place to save money on new bikes


After seeing the high prices on road bikes in bike shops; I thought I could not afford one. Then I scanned the web and found bikes direct. I was shocked that bikesdirect online prices were so low; so I thought they might be too good to be true. Then I checked bikes direct BBB rating; which is A+ So I ordered a new road bike for under $400; It shipped at once; and got to my house in 5 days. Fantastic bike - I love it  

Dallas, TX


Great for the money


This is a great shop if you want to save some money. I bought the Windsor Royal Triathlon bike and competed in 7 triathlons (plus training rides) without even a tire popping. The bike arrived quick and I was able to assemble it in an hour or so (I'm mechanically challenged). For my next riathlon bike, I will probably spend more money for a better name brand like Cervelo because I pplan on sticking with triathlon for a while. I will still ride my bikesdirect Windsor for training though. Money well spent... I will buy my next mountain bike from them.

San Diego, CA


Know What Your Looking For


**Bikes Direct** might just be the place to go...if you know exactly what you're looking for.  Personally, I would prefer to actually see, and test ride any bike before buying. However, some of the prices are well below that of a [real bike shop][1] .  Plus, they offer **free** UPS shipping and **no sales tax**.  On the website, there are helpful links to [sizing][2]  and another link to email them for any questions. By simply clicking on a bike photo, it will open a new web page with a huge, full size photo.  Plus, you can get detailed close ups. **Bikes Direct** offers road bikes, mountain bikes, comfort, cruiser & hybrid bikes.  Naturally, the more you pay, the better bike you'll get.  You can find a hybrid bike for as low as $269.95, complete with fenders, all the way up to a Titanium frame mountain bike pushing two grand. I would suggest this site **only** for the knowledgeable cyclist who knows exactly what they are looking for.  Then there are those three dreaded words..."Some assembly required."  You will need a few simple tools and the knowledge to assemble your new ride.  If not, be prepared to take it to a bike shop for assembly.  But, that would wipe out any savings. Based purely on their prices, I'll give **Bikes Direct** a thumbs up.  I say again...know what you are looking for!    [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Big-Shark-Bicycle-Company-St-Louis-MO-review-9ef10 [2]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Correct-Bicycle-Sizing-review-1bb07

Saint Louis, MO


Bikes Direct

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