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Good site, but doesn't have everything


We have a trailer that attaches to our bikes to pull our kids in, and we have been looking for a second hitch to put on my wife's bike so we don't need to switch the hitch depending on who is riding. I went to bikeworldusa.com to look for a second hitch, since I had heard that they had all things bike-related. I was disappointed and surprised to find that they did not have any of these type of hitches, let alone the one that would fit our trailer. However, I found that the site has much more than just bike equipment. I was able to find some good camping equipment that I had been looking for as well as a hitch cover for the hitch on our truck. So overall, it is a helpful site that I have enjoyed shopping on. However, it would be nice if they expanded the actual bike equipment that they have. Ease of Use The site makes it extremely easy to find the type of product that you are looking for. It is also very easy to sort through the list to find a particular product that will meet what you are looking for. The product descriptions are also very accurate and helpful in describing what the product is and what it is for.





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