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Biggest Loser Cardio Blast

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Feel the burn with this video


Soo yes I need to get off the couch and lose some weight to be healthy.  I watch the series biggest loser all the time and actually a new season has just started.  I have become inspired to do more than watch so I went to the store and bought the BIggest Loser Cardio Blast DVD.  Can I say I felt embarassed when I went home and could barely get through the warm up!!! It was really intense but inspiring to see these individuals who weighed twice as much as me trying their hardest and keeping up.  If they can do it then I can too.  The video is broken down into sessions so as you progress and become stronger you can incorporate more intensity and move to higher levels.  The workout is programmable and you chose what you want to do.  You can also work out wiith trainer instruction or without sound so you can play your own motivational music in the background.  The trainers featured are helpful and you feel as though they are with you encouraging you.

Miami, FL


Biggest Loser Cardio Blast

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