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Bigelow - Constant Comment Tea

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One of my favorites


I really like constant comment tea, I have drank it for years and will continue to do so. My daughter loves it too! I drink it hot in the winter and love to drink it over ice in the summer. Once you try it you won't want to be with out it!  If it is no sale I buy a couple boxes.


Townsend, DE


Constant Comment is our Family Favorite!


Bigelow's Constant comment is our family favorite of teas. We use it for Hot Tea, Iced Tea and everything in between! I drink between 6-8 cups of tea a day and I would say approximately half of it is Constant Comment. Until I was 20 and got my own place I didn't know that "regular tea" was Lipton. I thought Constant Comment was just the tea everyone usually drank. Its nice and Spicy with Sweet Orange Notes and a clean well balanced body. Now my in laws love it almost as much as I do! Constant Comment also makes a fantastic Arnie Palmer! When you have a head cold and you want something but you aren't sur what its very soothing and relaxing and it always makes me feel better, its my favorite "rainy day blues go- away" drink and the best "summer picnic need something really refreshing" drink as well! If I had to choose just one tea to drink day in and day out- this would definetly be it! The cost is great, its no more expensive than any other tea a person would buy, its available at almost every supermarket and its super easy to brew! Like I said, definetly our family favorite!


Mentor, OH


One of my fave hot teas...


I recently tried this after seeing it a few times in the grocery store, and I was not disappointed. My favorites are usually Earl Grey, English Breakfast, or Orange Spice...this Constant Comment tea fits in nicely with my others. It's smooth but has a nice hint of sweetness.


Carrsville, VA


Bigelow - Constant Comment Tea

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